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Adding a Compound for Fat Loss. Advice?

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I’m currently using test cyp 200 mg every 5 days and aromatason 1 mg eod sometimes less lately…I’m 38 yo 5’11 233 lbs…I’m about 5 weeks out from my next blood work. I would like to add another compound to the test…I’m wanting to shed more body fat then bulk. My brain is running in circles reading all the different forums and YouTube videos…it would be nice to have a half ass conversation about some advice on what to start off with… to do it the right way… I am leaning towards deca and/or maybe anovar… I appreciate your time and advice on advance. …
Btw I’ve been training 5 days a week diet is consistent high protein, no carbs after noon and high in veggies.

Only you can decide what compounds you will want to take. You are on a pretty low dose of test so I would be careful what compounds you decide to use. I am currently using NPP and I like the results I am getting from it. Anavar is pretty often faked for Winstrol so be carful with that choice. My personal opinionated suggestion would be to increase the test dose to 500 mga week for 12 weeks on your first cycle then drop it back down to a TRT dose and cruise. If you really want to add in a second compound I would recommend using something with a shorter ester so it can clear out of your system fairly quickly if you have bad sides.

Ok. So a short ester… I like that idea

Some advice, get away from the bulk then cut style cycles.

If you want to shed more body fat I wouldn’t go to 500 mgs , I would suggest 300-350 mgs test and Masteron 400 mgs . Just my opinion , shouldn’t need an AI at all

Half assed conversation? That’s a tricky scenario, anabolic steroids are powerful drugs that like all recreational substances need to be treated with respect and sincerity. One should have an in-depth conversation about the drugs, mechanisms as to how each individual drug acts upon the body, potential side effects, benefits, risks (both acute and long term).

If you wish to solely lose BF% (without the enhanced, steroid esque look), one could simply increase T dose to 300mgs or so.

You say you’re on 200mg e5d, where does that get you to within regard to bloods, a FT concentration of 2-2.5x (cavg) the upper end of the ref range (provided you’re reference range isn’t absurdly low like many of todays are) should be more than sufficient for merely preserving lean mass while shedding fat mass.

realistically I’d like to lean out and then reevaluate size gains…

I’m still learning on the numbers and acronyms…but last blood work showed test to be 976 and estrogen in the 60s. Next appointment I’m going to ask for a
copy for situations like this…

You don’t need a new compound, you need to keep lifting and eat a shitload less. No drug will help with that. Adding something new will add another externality whose effects you cannot predict.


You are obese. To get from obese to where you want to be is going to take time. There are no shortcuts. Work hard and eat well and I assure you that you’ll get where you want to be. You didn’t get fat overnight, so you’re not going to get fit overnight either.


Hey, I didn’t come here for insults… I came for advice… Your right I didn’t get fat overnight but you don’t know my personal life… I eat healthy and clean. A lot more clean then most people I know… I’ve gone from 293 down to 205…but the past few years after travel for work and starting a family I dont have the luxury of countless hours in a gym doing cardio… again I came for advice not to be called obese and fat if this is what the forum is about I’ll just look for another one

Dont take it personal. It was not a personal attack and hes not calling names.

Obese is a label that is placed on you due to your body fat %. Someone making personal attacks would be saying, Fatass or other shit like that.

Iron Yuppie gives some of the best advice on here, just not sugar coated to make you feel warm and fuzzy.


Then I apologise. I’ve witnessed some harsh attacks on people on a lot of sights I’ve done research on and I am probably being very defensive… I have worked my ass off and am struggling to get where I am wanting to get to. It’s not easy with a busy family life… not making excuses. Just the reason I’m looking for more help


obese is a stretch, I’d say he’s built fat. He clearly has a nice amount of muscle mass under the fat, esp around the shoulders and triceps I’d say he’s 25% BF

I agree OP doesn’t require “extra assistance” however in today’s world of “here and now” people get impatient.

I’ve been sick for a while, that and chronic pain having flared up (but now toned down again) and me having been hypogonadal for a week or so (complicated). I’ve lost a lot of muscle tone and a decent amount of muscle mass and wish to acquire it back within quick succession, guess what I’m doing? I’m seeking pharmacologic assistance (I’ve got this PH I’ve had in possession a while ago, it’s a crap DHEA isomer however literature actually appears to state it’s somewhat effective). I don’t have the time to run a test cycle unless I use test prop and don’t wish to pin ED for 6 wks.

That being said to @bigred11 I certainly don’t recommend using anabolic’s within regard to you’re predicament. What do you’re bloods look like on 200mg e5d? That’s a very SOLID dose for many (bordering on/ being pharmacologic dosing for some)

Not meant as an insult my friend. I was once pretty obese myself, so i know exactly what you’re going through and what it feels like. The biggest mistake you can make is throwing too many variables at what is essentially a simple formulation. Weight loss is nothing more than good diet + exercise + time. The time is without a doubt the hardest part. You want to accelerate the process at some point and it’s tempting to see what’s out there, drug wise, to do it. Just trust me when I say that you won’t find the answer that way. You’ve already lost a ton of weight, right? Just keep doing what you’re doing. When you hit a target weight—I imagine you have one in mind—then you can utilize all that the pharmaceutical market has to offer in order to really bulk up cleanly. You’re almost there, man. Just keep working for it.

After you’ve finished your cycle and pct get blood work done. You may end up being a trt patient within the next year. Once that happens it’s waaaaaay easier to cut and bulking is simplified because you don’t have the same time constraints as someone who’s cycling.

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Again I apologise… I am currently going to a clinic and the Dr. Is prescribing me the test cyp. I already started taking test e 250 before I found him and he did blood work and put me on the test cyp.and Dex… he said he would order me deca but it would only be for an 8 week and it seemed kind of expensive. He also said if I used outside sources he had no problem just monitoring my blood work to help reduce cost. The other recommendation was an eac stack to help with the fat loss

ECA. And this would be my recommendation as well if you insist on using anything else.

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I would love this Doc, but at the same time be very wary. Sounds like he is open to suggestions.

He’s very cool… easy to talk to and used to run gear himself… I am fortunate to have him as an adviser but he is a very busy guy

That’s too short of a time for deca. Plus it’s probably a low, therapeutic dose, so not much in the way of gains. But having run doctor-prescribed deca for 18 weeks I’ll say this: it is magic for joint pain. It doesn’t last forever but it’s worth it when you’re on it. But I think that’s probably still further in your future.

ECA is nice but it’s been so long since I’ve used ephedra that I couldn’t speak about it at this age. I used it when it was legal—when I didn’t need it because I was 19–but now I’d be too concerned about the side effects.

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I would say thatyou could use clenbuterol to help you shed some body fat and cut you down. That may work better than using an AAS. Then after you cut down to where you are at your full natural potential then you could hop on the NPP or Deca. But at this moment i think, and only in my opinion, that clen probably would work better than anavar.