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Adding 55 Lbs to Squat In 3 Weeks?


according to this one rep max calculater i put in 175lbs for 15 reps and it said that my max is 265... .thats 55lbs higher then my squat was 3 weeks ago before i started a renegade pregram i bought from mr. davies for baseball... is this possible or what?


Reps calculators suck balls, and until you do a 1RM shouldn't be trusted, especially form a projected point of reference greater than a 5RM. If you are very untrained noob, putting 10 pounds a week on a lift isn't unheard of.


When I benched 175 I could do 95x29 thats roughly 400lbs going by the shity calculator I used.


Haha, that's hilarious. I didn't even know there was such a thing.


Hahaha... one thing man... Benching more than you squat is rediculous and absolutely hilarious!

Ahem Sorry... the only tried and true way to find maxes are to do em in the gym man. Stop that high rep pussy shit and start picking up some heavy crap.


The 1RM calculator is pretty reliable, given you do a 3RM heavier. Any lighter than a 3RM, and energy systems, lactic acid, blood occlussion, etc. come into play and make the calculator worthless.

Anyway, I heard a story from one guy that when he used bands, his squat gained that much in just a week. Then again, he was squatting in the mid 300s before he used them.


I have found them to be roughly accurate in 3 - 6 rep range, but any more than that they become crap projections. I have even found 8 to accurate sometimes, but it changes. For me, it also depends on the lift. I tend to squat and DL a little more than what the projection is based on my 5 RM, but I tend to bench a little less than the projection.


As others have already said, those calculators are only accurate for low rep ranges and can also be very inaccurate for beginners and advanced trainees. Take a beginner whose max is only 135 and he will most likely be able to rep 115 (85%) about 10 times. This would project him at a max of 155. Take a very advanced trainee who benches 500 and he probably won't be able to do 425 (85%) more than a few times. This would project his max lower than it actually is.


i found those calculators to be "accurate" up to 8 reps. but still... I would only use the number as a general guideline.