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Adding 40mg Dbol ED at Week 7 of Test E Cycle

Finishing my week 6 of of Test E 500mg cycle. I originally planned to use dbol to kickstart my cycle but decided not too and see how my body responds to test e.

So Im on week 6, no significant bloating from water retention and feeling great. Mild acne on the back, but before cycle I already had them. Got one instance where my nipples were kind of sensitive took care of it taking 12.5mg aromasin for 5 days and its gone.

No I have 120 pills x 10mg dbol on hand and would like to use it to give this cycle a boost. Would it be okay to use it at week 7? And just go with a EOD 12.5mg Aromasin protocol? Or would it be not beneficial since Im in deep of a 12 week cycle?

maybe use dbol for second cycle

Honestly I don’t see a problem with using D bol towards the end, it’s usually used as a kick starter but that’s not to say you won’t make the same gains from including it in the end rather than beginning. I’d say go for it man, don’t crash your estrogen too hard though.