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Adding 20 Rep Squats on my Oly Lifting?


For those of you who don't know, my routine is usually:

  1. An olympic lift, or pretty much anything that is close to its nature EXCLUDING FRONT SQUATS AND BACK SQUATS! (heavy singles/doubles)

  2. A type of squatting movement with a barbell. (heavy doubles, triples, or quadruples.)

  3. (OPTIONAL) A posterior chain dominant movement. (heavy doubles, triples, or quadruples.)

  4. A pressing movement. (heavy singles/doubles)

  5. A heavy upper body pulling movement such as rows, chins, etc. (heavy doubles, triples, or quadruples.)

  6. Any weighted ab movement (sets of fours)

...Will it be too much if I add a set of 20 rep squats at the end? If so, what are the consequences?

Thank you.

P.S. = I do "heavy light medium" with different set/rep schemes and exercise selection.



I had to log out so that I could see your post, but it was totally worth it.


This thread is dumb, so I'm going to turn it into a private conversation.

Tom, how are things going with Jim?


Hey weasel, good to hear from you.

Getting Jim to coach me was probably the best decision I ever made, I'm just sorry I didn't do it sooner. We're doing really basic stuff right now, but that's exactly what I need.

I've got a few more weeks with him, then I go on a modified 5/3/1. I'll probably start training with him or his crew a few days a week as well, schedule permitting.

Are you going to be back in town this summer?


What are you going to modififly with 5/3/1.

I want to do 8 more weeks with BBB than change my accessory up a bit but not sure what I want to do yet.


I'm not sure, that's up to my coach.

I think the plan is 3 days of 5/3/1 and an extra day with the sled and bodybuilding type stuff (arms, calves? dunno).


It will not be too much to add a 20 rep squat. It's never too much to talk to dead relatives at your 16th rep...

Come on guys, he has an actual question this time.


Adding in 20 rep squats will KILL your recovery time and probably make you so stiff over the course of the following days that you won't be able to hit the right position for the oly lifts.


why do you want to add these? Do you actually compete?


Hanley is right, as usual. I am part of an Oly team and my coach has me squatting 3 days a week but the reps never exceed 3. This way, I am always ready for tomorrows or the day after tomorrow workout, but still able to add strength.
At my home gym, I decided to do a high rep day and I was so sore that I skipped the next 2 training days because I know I wouldn't have been able to get anything done with the severe doms.

Cliffnotes: Don't do it.


next time put the cliffnotes first ass hole.
i had to read through all that bullshit :slightly_smiling:


Hanley's comment +1

As a side note: sometimes at the end of the week I will do sets of 8 reps instead of smaller reps like triples, but that's because I have 3 recovery days afterward. I don't go above 8, even then.


why would you do this? it shows a lack of thought, which is not a surprise.


Thanks for recognizing the question...

The only reasons why I wanted to add 20 rep squats is:

A. I feel like it.

B. Something something anabolic whatnot...

At first, i thought "who cares? They're just high rep GPP stuff...". After reading Hanley's comment, I realized, "Nah, screw that. They can kill my recovery time."

Thanks Hanley... And pretty much anyone who actually gave a serious answer.


I'll respond to any seriuos thread with a serious answer...


What if I were to add some type of lactic acid tolerance training? Would that be ideal for an olympic lifting program?


Why don't you just get a coach?


When was the last time you were 17 and unemployed? Heck, I don't even have a driver license yet.


Why do you need LATT for olympic lifting?


Have you tried looking for a coach around your area? a lot of them don't even charge and if they do its a small fee as long as you compete.