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Adding 2 inches to your arms

I want to add 2 inches to my arms, and I don’t want to gain a lot of fat. I plan on taking 1000mg of testosterone a week. How long should it take for me to put 2 inches on my arms considering I’ll be eating 1000 calories over maintenance a day. OH and the two inches will be starting from how big my arms are naturally. Would it be realistic for me to only put like 2 inches on my waist to get that many inches on my arms? Thanks for the info in advance.

I usually follow the rule of thumb “to put one inch on your arms you have to gain 10 pounds of total bodyweight.” This holds true for me, granted it may not for everyone though. Also depending on your level of “fitness” already.

You’ll probably have to gain 30lbs of weight to add 2 inches to your arms (15lbs/in.). It’s your body’s way of protecting itself, you’ve gotta keep everything balanced.

Read the articles called Booming Biceps at T-mag by Don Alessi. It’s about fixing weak links to get bigger arms. I think you can gain some good size without putting on a lot of weight/fat using this method. It’s makes a lot of sense and I just started the program myself.

It has always taken about 15lbs for me to put an inch on my arms. This is why you don’t see anyone walking around with 20" arms weighing 170lbs. Your body grows as a whole, not just in parts. If you want size on your arms, you can’t neglect you back , legs, chest and shoulders.


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