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Adding 110 lbs to Total in 5 Months Possible?

I’m a 17 year old with a plan to compete in the 90kg class in a meet in august with the aim to beat the current irish national record total which is 490 kg. My current total is 460 kg consisting of 170/105/185. I’m looking for any recommendations to bring up my total and especially my deadlift as it seems to be the weakest lift for me.What programs or training methods do you guys recommend? I pull sumo and my highest conventional pull is an embarrassing 160kg. I also always get the pull if it breaks the floor. Would doing extra conventional work and deficit sumos increase my sumo pull? Thanks for any reccomendations

50kg is possible. Depends on a lot of factors tho.

e.g. is your technique currently dog shit? If so then technique gains will boost your numbers quick and easy.

Technique improvement will probably net you 10-20kg right off the bat depending on how bad your technique currently is. Focus on technique and supplemental/assistance exercises to work on weaknesses in your technique will probably get you another 10kg ez in a few months. If your technique is perfect then bad luck lel

How about BW? Are you already at 90kg? If you weigh less just filling out the weight class can boost your numbers.


Yeah I dont see why it is isnt possible. Need to dial in nutrition and recovery perfectly though. Also highly suggest putting the largest amount of your programming and attention into the squat and deadlift.

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In 5 months, Ithink you can very easily turn this into:

180/120/210, for example.

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I recommend 5/3/1 for a while. The amrap sets don’t work forever, but doing it for a couple months would give you the peak 5/3/1 gains IMO. My advice is to work on your glutes and back. Hip thrusts, focusing on squeezing glutes at the top of your sumo pull, RDLs, Kroc Rows, just to name my favorites.

When I was 17 I did not understand how important glutes or back were for anything. I figured that big quads and big pecs would take care of me, and they didn’t. A strong back has a great carryover to every lift, again, just IMO based on what I’ve seen from myself.

The one thing that I feel comfortable giving you advice on is bench. When I was 17, I benched 130kg for a touch n go and 125kg for a pause. The secret for me is hellllla volume. My bench max went up almost 15 kilos in 4 months doing 3x10 barbell bench + 3x5 pause bench + 3x10 DB bench + 3x10 close grip bench, all 2x/week. As a disclaimer though, I need to say that I don’t know if this will work for you. I was doing a lot of pulling in the form of Olympic lifting, barbell rows, DB rows, etc, to balance it out and get stronger on the platform, plus I’ve always had a decent bench for someone my age and height.

So to summarize, try a lot of bench volume. That is my input. Listen to other people too obviously, especially for squat and deadlift since I’m not great at those. But try a lot of bench volume for a month, deload, then do another month, deload, and test a 1-3RM to see if you’ve gotten stronger. Just please make sure to do plenty of pulling exercises to balance it out. As someone who now coaches 15-18 year olds, I see kids skip pulling movements to go hit some more chest exercises almost every day (I totally understand the temptation). Sorry if this answer is way too long, that’s kinda my thing I guess lol

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Im 89 kg currently however im not worried about not making weigh ins.Im currently working on mobility to open up my hips as it seems to be an issue.

Yea those are actually the numbers im aiming for maybe even 185 for my squat because it shoots up if I focus on it. Went from 150 for a double to 170 in 2 weeks lol

Yea Im with you on the high volume benching. Im currently running a cycle of smolov jr and it seems to be working very well. My glutes/hams and back seem to be more developed proportionally in comparison to my quads. Do you think I should still focus hard on gluts/hams/back more than my quads?

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And also I highly appreciate the long answer!

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Post up some videos and lets get down to perfecting your technique ASAP cos time is of the essence.

For opening up the hips i posted some stuff in another dudes log


that’s a CNS gain, for what it’s worth, not a ‘true’ strength gain. Those will be harder and harder to come by. You didn’t get 20kg stronger in 2 weeks, that’s just not how this stuff works. You may have had a good day, you may not have been working at a true max with the 150, maybe depth varied, etc.

And it makes sense, because you’re a young lifter. Dialing in technique and really learning to recruit all your muscle fibers, timing, all of that stuff can really help you improve your total right now.



If you think it’s getting to the point where your posterior is going to perpetuate muscle imbalance-induced injuries, then yes. If it were me, I’d keep doing what you’re doing for your backside and then add volume for your quads to balance it out in the long-term. Definitely continue going hard with your glutes/hams/back, though. I think that in the long run, reducing volume/intensity for your strong points now would wind up being detrimental. Summary: add more quad work.

Also, I’m glad the high volume bench is working. How often have you been deloading? For me, I’ve found that every 4 weeks is the right time. I’ve been pressing 2-3x/week with a bit over 100 working reps per session (more if you count triceps). It definitely catches up to me faster when I do a couple 5x10s hahaha

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I deload when I want to really and I should probably do it more often as my elbows seem to get sore if I bench more often. And thank you for the advice on the quad work.

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