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Addictive Foods


You know those foods that you feel like you could live off of, wether they are good or bad. I thought I would start a thread about food that people just can't put down.

Spicy hot V8. 2 jugs a week. The vitamin a will eventually kill me.

Wal-mart deli bonless honey barbecue chicken tenders. I have ate 3 pounds of these over the course of a day.

Taco bell half pound beef combo burrito's. So cheap, so good.

Pasta-roni shells and white cheddar. That stuff is the shit, and probably explains why I am looking smoother then I used to.


Natural Peanutbutter. I go threw a jar a week.

Eggs. Easily 21 a week, if not more.

Blueberries. If they weren't so dam expensive I'd eat them with every meal.

Brocolli topped with LOTS of cheese. Hey, I need my calcium.


during the winter clementines, I can eat 6-7 of those things before I realize it!


Metabolic Drive bars - cookie dough flavor. I eat 2-3 of these a day.

Cottage cheese.

Gouda and cheddar cheese.

Dreamfield's pasta with basil pesto.


red lobster cheddar bay biscuits


Pinto beans. You know the ones really done right, with ham and peppers and spices. I could eat them every day.

Fresh green beans. Pick them fresh from the garden and cook them right up.

Red seedless grapes.

Good Fuji apples.


fat stack of french toast with way too much syrup

banana nut bread warmed butter spread

mint choc brownies

ahh good thing its bulking season :slight_smile:



thin mints... those girlscout cookies.

and oreos & milk


POP TARTS (cinnamon of course, unless you're retarded)

I'm seriously addicted.


A jar a week?? HA. Try 3 jars baby. Thing is, I hate the stuff - but then I mix in whey and GOOD GOD IT'S FRIKKIN DELICIOUS!!!


Frozen Mangos from Trader Joe's... cheap and tasty!

Frozen Cherries.

Either of these is (almost) better than a bowl of ice cream.


Whole milk. No wonder I never got lean this summer.



beef fajita nachos

cheese nachos

homemade corn chips from sprouted corn tortillas and guacamole

homemade cornchips

more nachos

chicken fajita nachos

chili con queso and chips


beef fajita nachos with guac and sour cream



chicken in a biscuit




Stop it... STOP IT!!! Damn, I'm drooling on my keyboard and it's going to short out soon.

Spicy beef. Dry roasted peanuts. Home fried chicken. Toasted whole grain bagel with peanut butter. Milk and chocolate Metabolic Drive. Spoon of peanut butter and a hand full of crunchy almonds.


Beef Jerky - I love me some beef jerky. Pepper is my favorite.

Jalepeno poppers - It hurts so good.

Sharp Cheddar Cheese - The grandaddy of all cheeses. Who else agrees?


Thai Curry, any color, any type of meat. Mmmmmm...


Ha! U aint kidding either. Peanutbutter tastes DAM good in Grow! shakes. I think natty peanutbutter was a gift from the iron lifting gods.


Baked Sweet potatoes. I swear to god I'm addicted to em'! Can't stop eatin' them!

And I have to agree with the Taco Bell 1/2 lb Burritos (the Beef+Potatoe one expecially). It's like 2 bucks for a huge-ass burrito... I used to go with like 5 bucks and change and buy 3 /drool...