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Addicted to Training?

I know it’s pretty subjective but does anyone here consider themselves to be addicted to training? I’m not a big guy (6’, 194 lbs, ~15%bf) nor am I excessively strong, but I find that I always want to train. I mean always. To the point that I have to find some bull-shit thing for mysloef to do so I won’t have time to go to the gym. Days off kill me. But I find when I do my twice a day routine - morning gym, night 3hrs of hapkido, I’m so bagged that even 10 hrs of sleep isn’t enough. Granted I should probably be eating a tone more with the amount of activity I’m oding, esp b/c of the hapkido requirements. Don’t really know what the point of this post is rather than just to sound off and others have similar fellings, experiences.

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I’m like that a bit also. I feel like going there 7 days a week to workout.

I do have kids/family though which does keep me away, at least down to 5 days/wk. Not to say I couldn’t go 7 if I chose, just would have trouble finding childcare time slots if I did. Not to mention actually get my work done at home.

I’ve found I can’t work out hard daily though without really running into a buttload of soreness and seeing no gains, not while eating my current diet level.

I also seem to have the same problem,its to the point where taking a day off makes me feel guilty.Hey atleast we arent addicted to drugs.

i am definitely addicted. if i didnt know a thing or two about overtraining i would be at the gym 24/7. i just love to lift heavy weights. i get some kind of natural high from it.

I deffinately am
yesterday i took a night off cos i was training so hard and felt as though i needed time off but i felt SOOO bad for doing so :frowning:

If I take more than a week off, I start to feel a bit down or depressed. It usually takes me a little while to figure it out because it kind of sneaks up on me, but then I realize oh, man, I haven’t lifted in 10 days. I go, lift, and it’s all better.

Oh yes…I LOVE going to the gym! Its like my personal form of crack…haha. I generally train in the gym 5 times per week and even on my 2 OFF days I tend to do something active. A few months ago I took an active rest week off and I only lasted 5 days! I just couldn’t stand the fact of not going to the gym. Besides I might be speaking for myself here…but the highlight of my day is my first 1000+ calorie P+C meal post training. YUMMY. If I didnt go to the gym, I wouldn’t be able to eat it…;o)

I definetly agree. I lift five days a week, and cardio only the other two. I can’t remember the last time I had an ‘off week’. Vacations? Better be a gym. I feel guilty and beat myself up if I miss, even when I’m sick and KNOW I need rest. If somebody else was to tell me they were following my routine, I’d say ‘Dude, you need some time OFF’, but it’s they typical ‘do as I say, not as I do’ attitude. You can’t help to wonder where the line is between a healty endevor and an unhealthy compulsion. I think it goes with the type A personality that draws us all in.

I’d have to put myself in that category as well. When I was running, it was a compulsion to run farther, faster, more often. When I got into triathlon, it made it somewhat easier in that I could juggle three disciplines to got more workouts in. With bike racing, it trailed off a bit, but I ALWAYS wanted to ride. With weights, it’s not as bad as it has been in the past. I guess I just have one of those obsessive/compulsive personalities.

I’m much the same way … the book 'Muscle: Confessions of an Unlikely Bodybuilder" is a great read that corresponds with the subject


i had a cold monday (chest day) and just couldn’t make myself stay home, no matter how much sense it made.

i lost about 10-15# on each of my lifts, but i felt better for having gone.

the wife came down from the cardio floor and just looked at me and shook her head…

I know I used to be…maybe still am somewhat…Mon-Fri is martial arts and weights for a total of only 3 hours (or so)…used to be: Run 5-10 miles in the morning, then martial arts 5-8 hours/day in afternoon to evening… then weights 1-2 hours at night. Used to feel that I HAD to train onweekends too…either mountain climbing with weight vests/leg weights/30 pounds of water/food etc…(usually culminating in martial arts on top of the mountain)…or something…Nowadays weekends are more relaxing…still active, but less intense…Surfing or bodyboarding/hiking…roaming the hills with the puppy…more relaxing stuff, not as intense…still active though.

Hmmm…now that I think of it, I guess I’m still addicted, huh? =P

Sweet! So I’m not a freak!! well, not as much as I thought anyways. I had a holiday yesterday and my hapkido club was closed for the day. It drove me fucking crazy to NOT go to the gym and work out. Ah well, like someone else said, there are many worse things to be addicted to.

Sweet fuck, I just read my initial post again. Sorry about the massive amount of typos folks. I guess it’s time for “Hukt on p-hunix” part 2

abs-o-glutely. :wink:
Just had a forced week off (ok so it wasn’t that bad, saw some people very dear to me) and thought I would go INSANE. I know I needed it, I tend to overtrain more than anything but whew. Glad tomorrow’s Monday!! :slight_smile: