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Addicted to T-Nation


Man I think I might actually be addicted. There have been many days where I have not been socially active just because I enjoy posting on here. I'm not looking for advice on how to overcome this I am just curious if anyone else has not gone out just to stay on the web.


Step 1. Stand up.

Step 2. Turn your computer off

Step 3. Go outside

Keep walking to where there are other real people. Maybe a bar or a friend's house; something besides where your computer is. Shit, maybe go to the gym?!?!? I think it's time you take a few weeks away from this site.





The website is definitely addicting! There are loads of great articles and like-minded individuals. The thing you must realize is that this website should not take precedence to your real life.

Ask yourself this: what are my goals for the rest of the year? I can almost be certain that "increasing my post count on T-Nation" is not one of them.

I don't know who said it, but carpe diem.



Says the man with 585 posts.......

I suggest that you look at MY post count and THEN decide if you have an addiction.

Hmmmmmmm, maybe i'm the one with an addiction....





i love this site so much that i stopped lifting so that i could afford to spend more time here




I don't think you know what addicted means.


I'll give myself another shot.


have you ever sucked dick to post on T-Nation? i dont think so. its 2 am on a friday.


Have you ever sucked a dick so you could post on T-Nation?


This thread became powerfully gay very fast...
(I mean, only 10 posts in, that has to be a new record)


Just tryin to see how bad his habit is and what hes willing to do to stop me from stealing his keyboard.


no comments.


I love this site so much I'm even here when intoxicated.


You ain't got nothin'.


Lets take last night for instance; I may have went out, but I think I would have been happier at home, eating chicken, watching highlights of the Calvs game, and posting on here. The ONLY time I would have funner is one of the following options A) A fine ass girl wants to chill with me, I will take that over T-Nation any day.
B) Free tickets to a really cool event of some sort.
C) If me getting money is involved.
D) Oh wait did I already say oh yeah it's A. Nevermind for this one.
It's not just this website, I myspace it up too!!


God your life sounds fucking worse then average.


Maybe. But we're in denial, there's a difference.