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addicted to melatonin

A normal melatonin pill is 3mg. I started taking this several months ago and my sleep has been incredible. Several weeks after I started taking it, my sleep was disrupted (by light, too much energy). So I started taking 6mg a night. Once again sleeping was great. I would wake up and feel refreshed. Now, 6mg doesn?t seem to do the job anymore. Should I not take it anymore (so-to-say cycle off) or what?

Do you even need to ask?

Of course you shouldn’t be taking 6mg/night, every night!

That is one of the reasons why I did not purchase melantonin, when looking for something to help me get to sleep after a late shift. I instead went with valerian root, as it is all natural, and it is not addicting, and from what I was told your body does not get used to it. My sleep is awesome, but to tell you the truth the best way to do it, is to train yourslef to sleep without the aid of anything, it may be hard at first, but it will get easier.

This may sound stupid, but sometimes old wives-tails do work best. Try stuff like a warm glass of milk. I used to work continental shift (1 wk 7-3, 1 wk 3-11, 1 wk 11-7, back to 7-3, and so on), I found the best thing to put me right to sleep was a warm shower, and a cool bed. Out like a light…though I admit I’m a heavy sleeper. But there were lights out, and kids playing next door LOUDLY.

Oh ya, another method is meditation. Take 1 class at the Y or something near your house. I find the rhythmic breathing and the mantra makes me sleep easy.

Back off on the Melatonin to 3mg and pick up a quality ZMA such as Biotest.

i used to be totally depenant on melatonin and over the counter sleeping pills. i know that this sounds strange, but my doctor actually told me to switch to benadryl (diphenhydramine hci). i take two teaspoons of the generic brand before bed and i now get good sleep without any morning drowsieness, and no signs of tolerence yet. havn’t tried valerien root yet, but i have also heard good things about it.

I know this might not sound like a T-Man thing to do (bigprljamfan, cover your ears), but I have been told that lavender oil on your pillow can really help you relax. Being a T-man, I don’t use a pillow, I use a rock, so I wouldn’t know anything about this.

I work till about 5am 5-6 nights a week and honestly Melatonin has been my savior. I was going to bed at 5:30 and getting up at 10:30-11 am and my sleep wasn’t even decent during those hours. I played around with the dosage and found that 3mg was way too much, made me really out of it the next day. Now I take 1mg (I break up the tabs) and I sleep well for 7-8 hrs. I used to use 5-htp but now I reserve this for mid winter blues. Try tapering off your dosage of Melatonin. Or you could switch to 5htp.

thanks, these are some good tips.

I tried prljamfan’s suggestion last night and it worked like a charm. My penis is relaxing, my penis is relaxing. Then, bang, out like a light.