Addicted to Martial Arts?

I know we have had many-a-posts about people being addicted to lifting (I have dedicated my life to constantly pushing myself to its limits), but I was wondering if anyone here is addicted to any type of Martial Arts/MMA training.

I myself train in Brazilian JiuJitsu (Machado) and Kung Fu San Soo. It seems like every time I miss a practice I end up feeling guilty, and when I see I have a block of free time I am on the horn trying to find people to go in and train with. Most days I go to sleep every night visualizing techniques that I have learned during that day.

Anyways, can anyone else not get enough of their art, or am I just crazy?

“Some people never go crazy. What truly horrible lives they must lead.”

Im addicted to grappling especially sparring, i get a huge buzz from rolling. And yes i also get withdrawls and feel pangs of guilt when i miss sessions.

I always come away from sessions with more questions than answers and ive been doing this for years

Kyokushin gives me the same buzz but does’nt leave me with the same technical questions that grappling gives me.