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Addicted to Buying Supplements?


I think I may qualify.

For the past few months, I've been trying to 'get rid' of my supplement stock at home. From throwing away old stuff, to using things (like an old NO supplement, yeah i know) to giving away some stuff to friends.

However at the same time I find myself purchasing supplements at the same time.

In the last month I've bought:
fish oil
flax oil
salmon oil
multi vit

That's just off the top of my head.

I think I need a support group. This is getting retardedly out of hand. I think I might be getting to J-Fit's status of supplement whoring.



Congratulations on having a lot of disposable income.


i find that rediculous, aren't you about my age?


B Rock:

Are you taking all of this at the same time? Wow that is a lot of supps. intake.

Cut back to what you know will help your gains, but props for investing in yourself.

If you have any Surge you need to get rid of I can help you out lol


I don't even know what any of that shit under salmon oil is.

Maybe you should try this so called phenomenal peri-workout nutrition in Thibs section if you got the extra cash to spend on supplements.


Yea I'm a supplement junkie too. Sad part is looking back on it, I'd have rather spent that money
on something else. I think I've learned not to be such a sucker for advertising. I've bought DMG, Chromium, Boron, Ginseng, Crap Trib, Test RX, Vanadyl Sulfate (Never bought HMB though...can I get a high five ?? )


Don't know what a multi-vitamin is, huh? :wink:


Ive been there, now I just use a couple things that work and eat more.


Well, getting the physique we want is hard enough with supplements, let alone without!

However, I do feel that many supps on the market are ineffective, and that using too many tends to interfere with people doing more important things like paying attention to training and diet.


You think you need help?! Currently in my supplement cupboard:
3kg milk protein concentrate
4kg whey concentrate
about 10kg maltodextrin
1kg dextrose
about 5 or 6 protein bars
ZMA x2 bottles
carlson's vit d3 x3
Superfood x3
Flameout x8
fish oil x2
Receptormax x1
Z-12 x1
11-T x2
Rez-V x1
Surge Recovery x1
Surge Workout Fuel x11
Curcumin x1
Power Drive x1
Spike pills x8
Carbolin 19 x1
Alpha Male x1

I think that's it. I'd never consider giving ANY of it away.
I'm not taking it altogether.
When it's all gone I'm going to cut back to just:
Protein powders, maltodextrin, creatine, leucine, Superfood, fishoil, Spike, vit d3, ZMA, curcumin
I might add Beta-7


lol...I missed that. Everything else though.


pics or it didn't happen


yeah, and having extra cash to take hot women out on expensive dates


If supplements are your passion, sell supplements for a living.

I've paid for my fish oil habit by advertising it adwords. It can be done.


yeah Mac I'm about 26.

I don't have "a lot of extra income" but I do allot a good amount for my food/supplements. (mainly food; don't worry...my diet is 100% dialed in).

redgladiator, thanks I feel better.


Sir Charles Barkley, when asked about whether or not he had a gambling problem:

"It's not a problem if you can afford it."


Mac, I'm sure you can find a place to drag your roofied "dates" (aka hookers) that won't charge you by the hour.

I prefer the woods.



well im actually looking for a new roommate. and this way i can sneak downstairs and jack some of your supps while you sleep.

or sneak upstairs and watch you sleep. either way