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Adderall Use with Supplements

I’m a recent user of Adderall and am loading protein and testosterone. I’m looking to move to T-Nation products and would like in put on dosing, strategy, and combinations from any Adderall users in the T-Nation.

Do you have problems with a small appetite?

For me, Adderall kills my appetite, to the point where, when I first started taking it, some days I literally forgot to eat anything. I would end up getting a really bad headache and then realize it had been like 18 hours since I last had food. After a few months of use I got into the habit of scheduling my eating, so in case I got busy and forgot to eat I could just look at the clock and know how long until I was supposed to eat again.

I have gone through both bulking and cutting while taking adderall. We’re gonna kind of need your goals if you want advice on how to run things.

When I tried Adderall my diet was completely killed, but I forced myself to eat.

The good thing I liked about it was that I was very selective about what I ate so whenever I did eat I always made sure it was good food as I rarely had any cravings for junk.