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Adderall + Pre-Workout Supplement


I apologize if this isn't the appropriate forum for such a question.

I take adderall for my depression. I'd like to take a pre-workout supplement (such as Surge) prior to my workouts. Is this a bad idea? I plan on asking my doctor as well but I'm not sure how knowledgeable they will be in regards to this. If anyone has any such experience with this, I would appreciate any information you would have.


Yes you can use Surge and adderall together.

Edit: Misread the question.


Amphetamines and weightlifting don't go together good at all, so adding something like surge would only help.


There won't be any adverse reaction from combining amphetamines with Surge.

That being said, I have a friend with an amphetamine prescription and he hates working out on it. He feels that it has to do with the vasoconstrictive effects reducing blood flow.


Yes, amphetamines are extremely vasoconstrictive, not something you want while lifting. Also very catabolic. Use the Surge.


For the sake of argument, most preworkout supps (the ones for energy) have vasoconstrictive ingredients (caffeine for one), I generally have better workouts with a little more "go" on my side from them. I don't know that it'll help your workouts per se, but I don't think it should hurt them as much as some of the folks are implying (it will, however, tank your appetite, so make a it a conscious endeavor to eat enough).

You'll probably be fine for lifting provided your dose isn't maxed out, and be mindful of not stacking any other stimulants on top of it. The Surge is harmless with regards to use with Adderall, if anything it'll be helpful like other folks mentioned.


I've never heard of adderall for depression before.


OP's doctor recieved PhD online. Obviously trust worthy.