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Adderall and Other Amphetamines

So I used to take adderall in very small doses (10-15mg), once or twice every couple weeks, to study for exams and what not. It was incredibly effective everytime I loved it. During the time I started taking it I was unknowingly low in Testosterone and it really helped me with energy and focus throughout the day.

Searching for anything that could potentially help how non-existent my libido was at the time, I started messing around with DHEA supplementation. Usually about 50mg a day sometimes I would even take 100mg. I stopped after a few weeks and had really bad withdrawal from it for a couple weeks after.

Ever since, adderall is completely ineffective. In fact, the first time it didn’t work I actually thought I forgot to take it and I didn’t. Felt absolutely nothing. Same story with pre-workouts such as C4. I didn’t become immune to the dosage of adderall because I took it so infrequently. My neurologist and neuroendocrinologist both had no answers for this.

This started in January and I still do not feel anything from amphetamines or pre-workout supplements, so bizarre. I have since started treatment for my low T and my T levels are through the roof (although my estradiol is high too). I thought this would be a good place to gain some insight on this problem as it is really annoying.

To be more specific, I am wondering if anyone has any possible reasoning as to what went wrong with the DHEA supplementation that could cause me to be 100% non reactive to pre-workouts and adderall all of a sudden. It is all very odd to me. Thanks for your help.

No explanation. A people have high natural DHEA levels when young, so its part of your body.

Could my low bioavailable testosterone levels have anything to do with it? What type of relationship exists between Testosterone and Dopamine and Norepinephrine (two that are mainly responsible for effects of adderall)

TRT is often thought to increase dopamine, at least in the beginning. No other ideas.