Adderall and BCAAs

I recently read somewhere that taking BCAAs can interfere with how Adderall is absorbed by the body, possibly reducing it’s efficacy. I was wondering if anyone could verify or debunk this.

(I don’t want to start a thread on the pros or cons of the drug - I take it because I have pretty severe ADHD )


Not aware of this but to be safe take the med at least an hour away from the adderall. BCAA’s really dont have any significant interactions.
I will say that ADHD is often aggravated by food sensitivities. Get them tested, its a blood test for IgG antibodies to foods. It can be miraculous for some cases. “Healing the Hyperactive Brain” by Dr Michael Lyons MD is a great book to use as a reference. Unfortunately these drugs tend not to work long term so its best to integrate other therapies if possible.

I had a great response for you Mr. Swim but I suspect the moderators did not approve it which is rather disappointing because you would most definitely have found it insightful.

Anyways you can mix your BCAA’s and pills without fear of consequence. Although I strongly strongly suggest and urge you do take those pills back to your doctor and pursue some cognitive behavioral therapy in lieu of a pharmaceutical remedy for your alleged aberrant behavior which undoubtedly led to your diagnosis/prognosis.