Added Psyllium to Protein Shakes

HAs anyone ever added unflavored psyllium to their protein shakes?

I heard that this will thicken up you shake and slow down absorption.

Are their any other ways to thicken up a shakes without adding calories or reducing water?

was reading about gastric emptying today…

i’ll put up the link as well…


i’ve read posts on things like milk protein being a slower digested portein than others… also, solids are absorbed slower than liquids…

Chris Shugart suggested blending guar gum with green tea… guar gum is a polysaccharide fibre that makes liquids thicker… gel-like… you could try that?

just some thoughts off the top of my head.

I add 2 tsp of psyllium fiber to my breakfast and bedtime shakes. The difference in thickness is negligible since we’re talking at least 16oz of water. It’s a very convenient way for me to add an extra 12g of fiber a day, and it definitely seems to slow digestion. Otherwise protein shakes tend to leave me empty pretty quick.