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Added 1000 Cals to My Daily Intake...


I just started eating monday 4000 cals a day instead of 3000. I have to say im surprised at how easy it was to get that extra k in. Anyways, im wondering, is it gonna take a bit for my body to adjust to this. I have already put on around half a pound, im just hoping it doesnt go striaght to fat. Thanks a mill


That's an extra 2 lbs per week and that's alot. Have you really amped up your workouts? What is your goal here? Are you juicing?

Not only do you have the calories, but with the increase you will add water weight short term. If your additional cals come from protein you'll definately need alot of extra water. If they are from carbs you may retain some extra.

I hope you have put together one hell of a short term intense workout program to utilize the extra cals, or yes, a great deal will end up around your middle.


Not a great move, probably. You may want to go a bit slower on the increase. I found I added a fair bit of fat really quick when I added that many cals, and it was to be expected.


Not juicing, just trying to pack on some mass. My workouts are prety intense and they are quite "dense"(lots of compounds).


Bulking is fun, isn't it?

I wouldn't worry about laying down a little extra fat. At your weight, you could probably use it.

Where are you getting the extra calories from?


Agreed, at 6' 160lbs, 1000kcal boost will do you some good.


You're gonna get fat fat fat...
Do 250kcal/week increases.....


Why is everyone in such a hurry? I didn't know his stats, but that doesn't change the fact that you can't add 7000 cals a week and not expect to get fat. Your workout would have to be amazing to take advantage of such a huge,sudden increase in cals.
250-500 would be plenty anf slowly gauge the results. Even then, total caloric intake will be boosted by the same 1000 cals per week in a month or two--if he doesn't change his mind after gaining 10 lbs of--not LBM--in such a short time.