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Add Weight Workout Instead of Cardio

Ill try keep it brief, im around 10-12% bf cant seem to get any lower, cut in some areas but as per usual still cant see the bottom two abs, and still little love handles are hanging on. Been cutting after a bulk for pretty much all of 2017. Workout 5 times a week and have resisted doing cardio simply because i loathe it like on a whole other level. Ill put it in my plan to do but just skip it when it gets time to do it. I could do weights literally all day (love that shit) so my question was, is their any need to do cardio, does anyone have any experience getting lean with just adding more weight sessions, maybe double split (because all you read about online is working out more than 4 minutes a week in a deficit leads to overtraining).
I’m sorry if this has been asked before i cant seem to find an answer.
Any help would be super appreciated

Do not add any work. Slowly and progressively cut your calories.

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One way to make cardio more tolerable for me is to do LISS cardio work. Runners call it zone 2 work. I hop on a bike for 30 minutes and keep my heart rate around 130 which dosent require a whole lot of shitty. While doing this I watch Netflix on my IPAD or listen to a podcast. Its very pleasant and I enjoy it.