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Add Tren to Current Test Cycle


My brother has been on 400mg/week of Test Cyp for a while and he got his hands on some Test Propionate and Tren Acetate. He would like to introduce the Tren to his cycle. Would anyone advise against starting to take the Tren 75mg every 2nd or 3rd day and continue with the same level of Test Cyp? Do those dosages sound reasonable? I have read how important it is to have some aromatizing Test in your system when taking Tren and I think he is covered here....please advise.

P.S. The reason why my brother is not on here himself is because he doesn't have a computer, net access or running water hehe


how long has he been running the test?
how many weeks?


Every second or third day? Why would you do that?


Well at least he has tren and test. :smiley:

Your bro needs a lot more learning. I'll start with a freebie. TrenAce must be hit ED. Tell him to go from there


Good question - I was wondering the same thing when I wrote the post. I just found out:

12 weeks

6 weeks @ 800mg/wk and 6 weeks @ 400mg/wk

Since I know you guys frown on people who don't do their own research...I'm going to tell you what I think and then see your input.

I think that at 12 weeks, he should probably cycle off. He has not been taking any kind of anti-e and has not had any problems with gynecomastia (lucky bastard) but I think that was just luck because he did not prepare himself with the necessary ancillaries in case he did.

That being said - I think that he should proabably cycle off by tapering and consider taking some Nolva just to be safe (although I don't know what the tapering schedule would be or the Nolva schedule - maybe he should start taking the Nolva 10-20mg/day while he is tapering and then continue for a few (?) weeks.

He should stay off of any steroids for a period equal to the time that he was on them?

Anyway...that is my limited information. I hope you guys can agree/disagree or fill in the gaps.



Hey Saps - I know that acetate is faster acting and has a shorter half life than Tren Enanthate and therefore needs to be injected more frequently but I though every second day was okay too...every day it is then.

Also, my objective was to have a higher test:tren ratio as per a lot of the other discussions I have read. So if he is doing 400mg of Test Cyp per week, then I would suggest something like 50mg/day of Tren Ace and 500mg of Test Cyp per week.

Does that sound better?

Of course if I were him I would cycle off as per my last post and then come back and do this at a later date but I will leave that decision up to him.


Bad advice from my supplier...


if he's already 12 weeks deep in a cycle he needs to start post cycle and then take time off and then do a cycle with tren. Most people will tell you to keep your cycles in the 8 to 10 week range.


He's been on long enough. 12 weeks of cyp and another two weeks of suppression even if he stops right now. That's 14 weeks of suppression. Have him get some Nolva during the two waiting weeks before he starts PCT. Then Nolva Wks 1-2: 40mg/d | Wks 3-4: 20mg/d

After that he should stay off for 12 weeks and then start a new cycle if desired. Next time add in HCG and AI and maybe look at 6-8 weeks. Also maintain dose of testosterone, don't go 800 for several weeks and then 400 for several weeks. No point in that. Keep blood levels even.