Add Sprinting/HIIT For Increasing Vertical?

Hey all, I’m currently doing the Max Lift and Repetition upper body workouts of WS4SB along with the Novice Strength Training program + Novice Plyometrics from the Vertical Jump Bible. I was wondering if adding a sprinting/HIIT routine would be effective in this schedule or if it would be overdoing it. My week looks like the following:

MON: Max Lift Upper Body
TUE: VJB Strength + VJB Plyo
WED: Rest ← (Possible Sprinting/HIIT workout here)
THU: Repetition Upper Body
FRI: VJB Strength + VJB Plyo
SAT: Rest ← (Possible Sprinting/HIIT workout here)
SUN: Rest ← (Possible Sprinting/HIIT workout here)

I also play basketball 1-3 times per week. Does anyone have any suggestions on good workouts for me to do, whether it is HIIT or some other type of training and when to do it? Ultimately right now my aim is to increase my vertical.

Weigh 160, squatting about 185-205 x 6

All advice is appreciated!!

I think adding a Sprinting/HIIT workout on Sunday would be fine, any more than that would be overtraining in my book.
Other than that, this looks like a good template to increase your vert

HIIT is not going to do much to help you jump higher, unless you are going for weight loss.