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Add or Substitute Compounds?


Hi guys I started my first cycle 19 weeks aiming to compete in bodybuilding I’ve been running 500mg of sust250 and 600mg of eq, lowered the eq to 300 and recently add adex 1mg eod I had to withdraw from the show due to a miniscues surgery :
Stats : 24 yo 5’8 240 lbs 12% bf
My question is should I start a new cycle of test e and tren e run it for another 18 weeks and do a show or take 3 months off with a proper pct and then begging a new cycle ?


Hardcore bodybuilders don’t PCT bro. So the real question here is are you hardcore or not?

All jokes aside its a rather personal question. Personal in that you should know how your body reacts to these compounds better then anyone on this forum does. To dial in everything to be on point for a show.

I mean you could just cruise for a bit then jump back on if you want to keep as much muscles mass as possible. Your a rather large 5’8 beef cake.

Again its all about what you want. Do you care about recovering your hpta. Honestly I think if you want to dabble in steroids then go all the way and if you want to recover do it when your done with bodybuilding.

I guess I really don’t know what i am trying to say here. Run the gear don’t run the gear. Pct don’t pct. You can do either one depends on your goals. Just do it safely. Don’t run stupid doses. Don’t let your blood work get messed up. And if it does get messed up make corrections so it doesn’t stay messed up.


Depends on your age and need to preserve fertility. At 24YO, you really need to protect your fertility, 250iu hCG EOD would be sufficient in most cases.

PCT: Most doses tossed around here and in other BB sites are actually harmful. The fact that some guys do manage to recover does does not mean that the methods are proper, only that many can recover from a bad PCT.


What I really want is to make quality gains every time I run a cycle it’s been a long cycle as it is about 20 weeks long now. this was my first cycle so idk how my body will respond to tren and pure test , I didn’t get to compete because of my surgery now I’m up and running again have to start all over with cardio and what not also don’t want to ruin my receptors or get mixed results not knowing which compound is doing what


Well I am barely beyond novice in the realm of gear. KSman responded to you. He is an authority on the subject to be respected. You should direct your questions to him if he is willing to help.

Just an FYI there is no scientific data on using gear like a modern bodybuilder does and trying to recover. There is no literature I can reference and say “Rodrigo you should do x and y because of z.” That data simply doesn’t exist. You can make certain inferences based up the actual data out there but you can never be certain. Academia and researchers study and test these compounds in a very different manner. Everything you hear or read on the forums is purely anecdotal. So honestly your just basing your decisions on the experiences of others not knowing whether or not they are even being truthful in regards to what they have done.

Me personally I would come off the gear. Recover and if I wanted to compete I would start out with smaller doses. As small of a dose as possible. Even if that means you come in a few lbs lighter. Better to ere on the side of caution. But I don’t want to be a professional bodybuilder or even a competitive amateur for that matter and I am 5’9 205 lbs.

Best of luck though. Be smart and stay safe.


I believe that’s my best choise , as some one who’s just beginning its journey on competitive bodybuilding what is the best path for longevity ? My genetics aren’t the best but I do love the sport my biggest fear here is reaching a plateau gear wise where the gear no longer gives the desired result first cycle was smooth had some supervision of a coach got lean and hard lowest 220 10% bf had a scare with the eq at 600mg eod messed up my sex drive jumped on adex slowly getting back to normal now eq at 300 I have 2 more week on the cycle then will begging clomid 1mg eod and hcg


Thanks brother I understand is all a learning process I’m a student trying to eliminate as many mistakes as possible