add on to current workout

I would like to direct this mainly to coach davies but anyone with feedback is appreciated. My current workout program is based on power. I just started it. Day on is bench press 6sets 2 reps of 80-90% of my max with hip abduction and adductions as well as ab work. Day 2 is Squats and Deadlifts both 6 sets 2 reps again 80-90% of my max. As well the bench and squats both have negative sets 2 sets 1 rep 110% of max and deadlifts has 2 sets of hang sets of 110% of my max. I am looking to play football and not only want to build power but also speed. I am just curios what i could add to this workout to do this. I have looked at the 9 essential exercises for athletes and had incorported them into my last workout, should i continue them or do something new?

I presume you are starting your training for next season. Great to hear of your dedication. I wouldnt recommend the training loads you are working with and would drop those %'s of max effort down significantly. You should also consider your exercise selection and will be pleased to discuss. In faith, Coach Davies