Add More Carbs, More Fat, Or Both?

Current Macros 4000 calories per day. 399 carbs, 111 fat, 350 protein.

Want to move up to 4300 per day.

What is the optimal way to add 300 calories?

Have you found you respond better to one macronutrient vs the other?

I tend to respond better to fats vs carbs.

And are you using insulin?

Not using insulin.

I haven’t found I respond better to one or the other.

Oh come on man, haha. If that’s really true, then coin flip it.

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What data points do you use to determine how you are responding to different macros?

I want to start paying attention.

How I feel and how I perform. When I eat a lot of carbs, I feel sluggish and I tend to have energy early in the workout and fade. When I eat high fats, I feel light and tend to have more stable and sustainable energy.

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Same. Goes against all accepted dogma but works for me. I think the amount of carbs “needed” for intense training is probably overstated

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