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Add More AI? Mid-Week Changes

Hi T-Nation,

I’ve been on TRT for close to 1.3 years now. After some adjustments, I feel I was locked in until I added HCG again. As many have experienced, my clinic did not have access of HCG for a few months. I’m taking HCG as we will likely try and expand the family over the next couple years.

Here’s my protocol:
120MG of Test Cyp, split over 3 days: M, W, F
HCG Dosed over 3 days: M, W, F
.5MG of Anastrozole: M and Friday only (Total of 1MG a week)

My issue:
When I added HCG back into my regime about 1 month ago, when I dose on Wednesday’s my mood changes and I feel like my E2 sky rockets. I am sensitive to E2 rise (before AI it shot up to 90’s) and once I jumped on AI it corrected.

My question: Should I add in an additional .5mg to my Wednesday dose since it’s presumably shooting up mid-week?

My last bloodwork in December (No dosage for 5 days before BW):
Test: 974ng
Free Test: 26.7
SHBG: 29.9
Estradiol: 38.3

Thanks guys!

If it’s years from now, and HCG confounds your normally dialed-in protocol, I’d just drop it. Start it back up when you’re ready to have kids (might not even need it). Can also add HMG, FSH, etc when the time comes.

As an aside, there’s nothing “high” about your e2 in those labs (I know it’s out of range). I wouldn’t take anymore AI

Thanks for the feedback.

To add, my labs were taken when I wasn’t on HCG. I was able to get resupply about 1 month ago. So the E2 results are just with test and AI usage.

You’re taking too much test. That’s the reason your e2 is getting so high. If you’re still in the 900’s five days after your last shot then your peak is probably >1,200. Take less and you probably won’t need an AI in the first place.