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Add Flax Seeds?

Is it a good idea (for optimal body composition)to add Flax Seeds to your food?

I have heard conflicting evidence on the benfits of flax seeds.

Do flax seeds increase estrogen levels in men?

I have never heard anything involving flax seeds directly effecting (either way) estrogen levels. I guess if you looked at it in terms of the fats being used for hormonal production, then I guess you would have to say they increase estrogen levels…but to answer your question no i dont think so


I don’t know this as a fact, but I conjecture that thais idea may arise from the fact that flax oil contains lignans. These are some sort of compound found in flax oil which suposedly can reduce estrogen levels.

IF this substance works by acting as an estrogen antagonist, that is by being a weak estrogen that binds to the estrogen receptor, but which does not impart any (or very little) estrogenic effect, then it WOULD increase estrogen levels. However, that would be a good thing in this case. Again, I don’t know this to be fact–its my conjecture. So, I’d check with Dr. Berardi to be sure.