Add DL to Russian Squat Routine?

or will it blow out my back? i want to do this squat routine but I’m wondering if i should add bench, deadliest or press or rows on the workout days or off days? i don’t just want to use squats and really want to add deadlift. by the way for anyone who cares I’m not eating 2400 calories anymore at sedentary. I’m now moderately active and eating healthy damn near 4k

How about every time you think of asking another routine question, or looking up another routine, go do some situps, pushups, or something productive. Pick a routine or program and stick with it for a few months.

Don’t add any deadlifts (let alone any “deadliest”! Although I assume that was autocorrect). If you program at anywhere near your true 1RM you won’t have much left in you for the higher-intensity days and will not want to hamper your recovery on the lighter 6x2 days.

If you still want to to some posterior chain work during the program, by all means go for higher-rep SLDLs and/or hyperextensions, but you’ll likely want to save your energy.

Also, I bench press as normal while running the Russian squat program (on separate days, whenever possible). Both times I’ve run the program I’ve noticed an almost immediate carryover to my upper-body strength, interestingly.

[quote]AbsuM- wrote:
or will it blow out my back?[/quote]

Yes, back will almost surely explode. Happened to guy in our gym - was glorious.