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Add B12 to the List: Tanking E2

what is the difference between A.I and DIM?

Two letters and about $20.

Yes. It was very potent for me, kept my e2 way too low.

Aromatase Inhibitor = AI.

DIM is a form of estrogen control, through metabolism.

The Vit D should not affect your E2. Should not. I’m allergic to curcumin (and ginger) and there are about three people in the world with that problem, so who knows? The Vit D is important in calcium levels, and test production if you were producing it. The D3 is actually an inert substance, it requires activation in your bloodstream to do anything. That is accomplished by your parathyriod glands (4 of them behind the thyroid), a handful of cells in the thyroid, and the kidneys. Shouldn’t bother your E2.

Sorry man. I know better at this point.

Couldn’t find the actual experiment report, but here you go:

I also did a test, and confirmed that 5k vitamin D a day lowered my e2 quite a bit in only 5 days. I had symptoms.

Bizarre. I cannot experiment with it. I can only handle D in natural form, as in go outside. Any form of supplement crushes me in a matter of hours. Pounding headache and feel like death.
Thanks for the link, I’m about to give it a read.

Maybe this is why? What dose and what are your symptoms?

Any dose. Even 1000 IU’s. I tend to get a headache, low and steady up the back of my skull. And I just feel lousy, almost like the flu or something.
Ginger and curcumin on the other hand, give me a nosebleed if I get enough of a dose and I am violently angry about 30 minutes later. Like I go all Incredible Hulk.
What are your symptoms?

Thanks, I am running E2 sensitive again, just to confirm. You’re the only person I have heard of that confirming the crashed E2 from dim… everyone else just says it controls the radicals…

Do a search on here, you will find plenty of guys with the problem I believe.