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Add B12 to the List: Tanking E2

I suppose this might help someone.

Recently realized that I was lowering my E2, unintentionally, by taking C4 pre workout.

I had purposely stopped ALL supplements, because I kept lowering my e2 by accident. Didn’t even think the C4 could be causing it.

Currently the only things I take everyday now are:

Losartan, Raw Milk.

I even stopped all vitamins and including vitamin D and fish oil.

C4 has 588% of the DV for b12, which I learned the hard way, increases liver function.

Add this to the list of things that have tanked my e2.


I feel like I should continue with fish oil and vitamin D, but I am terrified of lowering my e2.

Does anyone know if these supplements affect liver function? I couldn’t find anything specific, but, I also missed that carnitine increases liver function.

I dont know about the other stuff, but you can get injectible B-12. Like all injectibles, that should bypass your liver…

Well the b12 was just an added ingredient to the pre-workout I was taking. So, I just need to make my own pre workout from now on.

I actually had my b12 tested a while ago and it was above the normal value. The doctor said it was normal for someone who eats a lot of meat.

Mostly concerned with vit D and fish oil.

Don’t know about vit D but I put ground flax seed in my shakes. Gives me the fiber and omega oils I need

That’s a little different from my experience but I would expect no less right?

I take C-4 before workout ED. Multivitamin, Zinc, Magnesium, Melatonin, Saw Palmetto, Red Rice Yeast…(All ED)…and Vit D 5000iu EOD. I haven’t had envy E2 related sides (that I know of), but perhaps the sides that I was attributing to lowT could have been E2 related. I did confirm lowT through testing but Dr would not order E2 because she said the insurance would not cover it. Maybe I should cut out some of these and see if there’s any differences?

Have to admit, it would be hard to give up my C4 cause I do evening workouts. It’s the perfect pep I need to get back in gear in the evening to go hit it hard.

I always wondered why the B12 I take says “sublingual”. I take one a day now because 2 a day made my B12 count go 3x higher than High, in bloodwork. Sublingual means it bypasses the liver?


Sublingual means under the tongue. Theoretically since it’s a mucus membrane it’s supposed to go directly to the blood stream. Not sure if that’s completely true or not.

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Oh, yeah… badly worded. I know sublingual means under the tongue, just wanted to know if it means it bypasses the liver. Looks like it may just do that. Thanks!

So, this thread got me thinking and I did some checking on the back of my supps…

C4 does have 588% DV of B-12. It also has a metric shit ton of B-6. My multi also has B-12 and D which I supplement as well. The Red rice Yeast also is naturally loaded with B-12…Seems too much. i think I’m going to try an experiment for a few weeks and see how things are effected. My proposal…

ED - Zinc, Magnesium, Saw Palmetto, Red Rice Yeast, 2 tbsp Flaxseed (in morning protein shake), Melatonin (at night)
EOD - D3 5000iu

Pre Workout - Drop C4 and substitute with 2tbsp Dextrose, Creatine

Again, gonna try this for a few weeks and report back.

Anyone see any immediate issues with this supp regimen?

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I basically have dropped c4 in favor of making my own. Caffeine, karbolyn (if I need it), and a pump agent.

I also saw that it had a shit load of b6.

I use to take these supplements no problem, but it seems now that my body is reliant on exogenous test, my e2 cant keep up. Anytime I consistently take any of these supps for over a few weeks, my e2 tanks. Im in e2 hell right now.

I feel like shit right now. My joints are KILLING me.

Has anyone had any experience with taking oral DHEA? I have heard that it converts to E2. I have read people on other forums using it to relieve some of these symptoms.


And Citrulline. Combo of both works well.

I take a 200mg caffeine pill, 4grams of citrulline, 4grams of l-carnatine, 4grams of beta alanine and a teaspoon of pink salt for my pre workout.

All the powder from a bulk source mixed in about 65grams of water. It tastes awful, I just shoot it down and in about 15 minutes, my skin is tingling from the beta alanine… And I get pretty good pumps.

Post workout, I eat about 10grams if creatine.

Holy shit you gonna die! Lol j/j but I bet you feel like a beast during your training sessions!!

I tried doing L-Arganine in powder preworkout but I just couldn’t hardly keep that nasty shit down. It smells HORRIBLE and I was afraid the aftertaste was gonna keep me puking through the entire workout. Wound up throwing it away. I got some in a pill form for my wife because she said “HELL NO” when I told her to try the powder. I may steal some of those from her and give it a try.

Carnitine crashed my e2.

I’m going to have to try these supps out, as I don’t want to get put on arimidex again. I never crashed on it I just don’t like the idea of taking a strong drug to counteract my E2. So if I can lower it naturally with supps I’m all for it.

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That’s kinda why I wanted to spread this info. Some people might find some of this stuff useful to keep levels down.

Or, if someone has no clue why their E2 is crashing, this might help guide them.

It seems like this doesn’t happen to anyone else though.

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That is very very interesting. Admittedly, in 10+ months I’ve been on trt, my doc has never once tested my E2. He’s against AI’s unless there are clear signs of gyno. I have no idea what my E2 is or what effects anything I’ve done could have on it.

I do eat a fair amount of broccoli and take my pre workout stack at least 5 days a week. I’m pinning EOD and there are some days, 14-16 hours after a shot that I feel amazing… Overall sense of well being off the charts and energy to do anything I want and some days I literally feel no different that the day before and the day before that, but those are the days are the exception and not the norm. Overall, I feel way better than I did before trt.


So, dim tanked your E2 without using an AI? Because my e2 sensitive just came back at a 5 and I inject 25mg eod and take dim… I thought my E2 would be high