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Add Anything with Eggs?


I searched for an answer but couldnt find one on here. Ive eaten some pretty bad tasting things in my life. From the worst of protein powder to raw meats. But when it comes to eggs, I get the worst taste in my mouth. I seriously come close to throwing them up. I really just cant stand them anymore.

My doctor said that I may have Dysgeusia, a taste bud disorder, and suggests to try to "spice" up my eggs in some way. So to my question, do any of yall add anything to your eggs for taste that works real well? Salt, pepper, and cheese doesnt seem to do the trick for me.


Hot sauce, salsa, peppers. That's what I like to use.


Salsa or hot sauce works great.


Well, I love eggs (a dozen or so a day for the last few years), but I do put various things in there that might help.

First, if you are a believer in the AD or anything similar, you could try first cooking bacon, using the grease to cook the eggs. Next, have some pre-chopped habanero peppers, some onion, the bacon (chopped finely), mushrooms, etc. This generally masks the taste of the eggs, though with your [possible condition I don't know if it would be effective.

Why, if you hate them, are you so set on eating eggs, out of curiosity?


Cook them in coconut oil, and add a good amount of salt (I eat this everday).

You can also make Frittatas.



I like then with whey, cottage cheese, spinach, and onions. All in one big scramble=great Pre-workout or post-workout meal.


I guess bc my wife buys them and they can be a fairly quick and healthy source of protein. If I can find a way to eat them that works then great. If not, then Ill just pass on them.


Thanks for the tips. Ill be experimenting with the options.


For every 3 eggs (chopped), add 1 teaspoon of mustard and 2 tablespoons of mayonnaise...mmm


worcester sauce ftw


I also hate eggs without so much hot sauce that I can't taste them anymore.

Egg whites, on the other hand, are just fine. I could eat those all day.


This is how I make my egg salad. Delicious.

When I get sick of plain scrambled eggs I'll throw a bunch of cheese in there. Some days American. Some days feta.


Raw. In a glass of milk. Add chocolate syrup if you arent fat. All in a shaker cup, obviously


This guy ain't joking.


I do this when i'm in a hurry. Tastes just like chocolate milk that you buy at the store (because of the added thickness), just slightly more salty...to me anyways.


Cayenne pepper, hot sauce, onions


Damn that sounds good. Just my luck I'm out of it right now.


I usually take them raw (with milk and flavouring), but every so often I'll treat myself lol


I hate scrambled eggs but love fried or boiled eggs.


A pound of bacon cut into small squares, (cast iron pan) drain off some of the fat and cook six whole scrambled in the bacon and fat with onions and chunks of full fat cheese. Salsa poured all over the top. Some raw veggies afterward. Manfood.