Add 50lbs to your bench

I know everyone’s seen a powerlifting spreadsheet that is designed to add 50lbs to your bench over a period of weeks. I just started one, designed to take me from 315 to 365 over 10 weeks. My question is: what do you folks think about a program like this drug free? It seems like alot of weight to add w/o drugs in a short period of time…do you think it’ll still be able to add 50lbs to my bench?

Yes this can be done drug free, thats the beauty of well thought out periodization. However I bet the program you’re using probably says “UP TO a 50 lb increase.”

I can’t see how they can “guarantee” a 50lb increase to everybody. I could see a percentage, but nevertheless, 50lbs is a good goal to shoot for over that time.

What program exactly are you talking about. Where can I find this program? Thanks.

Yeah its possible but unlikely unless you are very new to training. this isnt shawn phillips program by the way is it?

I tried a similar program a couple years back in the winter time- my bench went from 315 max to 365 max in 12 weeks, drug free! I was 22 years old, had a part time sit down job, and followed a 3500 to 4000 cal diet ala arnolds encyclopedia. Was 225 at 6’1 by the time i was done, and thicker than ever. Yes it can be done, i’m living proof! Hope that helps…

what was the program???

Yeah here’s a link to one training/index.asp
They work kinda, but it is up to 50…but there is going to be some improvement regardless.
I tried this when i first started lifting and would recommend Bring the Pain Upper Body over this.

50 lbs is possible, even likely if you’re doing everything wrong to start with. If you already have good form though 50 it a stretch. I’d recomend checking out Date Tate’s bench 600 pounds article, that article alone has helped everyone I’ve given it to.

My training program for chest was once per week, a total of 5 working sets: 2 sets of flat bench, 2 sets of incline bench, and a set of dumbbell flyes. The bench program can be found here: kory_wnuk/files/ coan01.html
I started with 2 sets of 10, working up in weight and down in reps to 1 single for what i thought would be 350 but i got off 365 that day! the rest of my body was trained the same way: brief and heavy. hope that helps!

I think some of it has to do with you. I have seen genetically weaker (or areas under-used due to bad form) go up that much in an even shorter amount of time. My inclined and seated row (wide grip and close grip) have gone up around 65 lbs in matter of weeks because my constant change of angle and grip. I think variation brings into development enough different fibers in those muscle groups that over all strength increases in a very short period of time.

Check out Dave Tates 600 Pound Bench Press article, lots of good tips in there. Good luck, outlaw

no i’m not using that shawn phillips program. I steer clear of MM2K! the program i’m using is from an article in monster muscle, a powerlifting mag, outlined by Joe ladnier, some beast of a man who benchs over 6 bucks. My form is alright, i think improvement to my bench could be made there, and with my explosion alone, so we’ll see how it does. I plan on eating maintinence calories, no need to eat any more. Powerlifters avoid gaining weight while gaining strength…thats about what i wanna do.

Twice I tried a program like that, a long time ago. It progressed a little too quickly for me and I had to quit early both times. But that was back when I was benching under 200, so a 50 pound increase would have been a pretty big percent increase. Recovery was probably the biggest problem. Chad W’s 100 reps program w/ push ups would help this.

No way no one can place an absolute number on any increase in anything. What if you have someone benching 100lbs to add 50lbs would be extraordinary , that is 50%.

Think in terms of percentages not absolute numbers. This pertains to weight gain as well.

Thank you
Coach Hale

Adding 50lbs to your bench in 10 weeks is absolutely possible. I used the west side barbell training program and added 60 lbs to my bench in just 9 weeks, drug free. Mainly I would suggest the use of bands with your program. These worked unbelievable. You can find them on Hope this helps.

A train what was your starting and ending max’s? I wasn’t planning on using bands, but possibly floor presses. I"m also cutting down the volume of all my other training.

Folks, I know percentage is whats important. Thats why i noted my current max of 315 and my projected max of 365…i wanted to get ideas on whether that specific increase could happen, not 100 to 150 or anything like that.