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Add 44 Pounds to Bench in 6 Months?


ok so iv bet my m8 that i can bench 330 lb by end of the next six months.im beching 286 right now he is a bodybuilder and thinks that it isnt pos for me to sdd 44 lb to my bench in that time peiod coz im only 17. so my question is can it b done


Not without the roidz and teh creatinez bro.

Kidding aside, it depends. Will you ad bodyweight during this period? What kind of program will you follow? How badly do you want it to happen? Too many variables here.


CAN it be done? Yes.

But it depends on a whole lot... Training age, program, diet, current weight, etc.


Learning to spell properly and communicate adds 20 lbs to your bench alone.




I stopped reading here....



Yeah sure it can be done.

Bet him double or nothing that you can bench 374lb... really push yourself.


Outline your current program for us now, and give us the real numbers of what you can press without any spot assistance at all.


Gain weightttttt


at the moment i am doing a strongman bodybuilding split 2 times a week on both.so i actually bench 2 times in the week but only one of them is a specific chest workout strongman on a sunday chest on a wednesday .286 is without anybody touching the bar or helping.


get lost


Simple answer is yes. If you are not worried about gaining weight or putting on size. I put on 25 in 4-5 months of lifting. I loosely utilized 531 program to achieve my results. I'm looking at adding 55 in six months personally. Going for 405 on bench.


Yeah, I would suggest taking a look at 5/3/1 or something similar. It just depends on how bad you want to add to your numbers. 6 months is probably plenty of time if you have never training with a PL mindset.


Ok cheers will give that a try I'm actually tryin t get bigger anyway .