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Add 30kg to my Squat in 13 Weeks?

I’ve been lifting for the past 2 months with a 5X5 program. I just tested my lifts and ended up with 120 kg Squat, 70 kg bench press and 140 kg deadlift at a bodyweight of 60 kg. I’m 15 by the way. Is it possible for me following a program where i add 5 kg to my 5RM in the squat and bench, and 10 kg in the deadlift every four weeks? That means a good 30-40 kg increase in my lifts. Is this possible?

Yes - that is the normal rate of progression with a 5x5 program. I had to do the math because you could have explained it better but yes you add 2.5 kg to each lift after each session as long as you complete every rep. Would come out to 30 kg per month for your squat. Should be doable for someone at your age and strength level, as long as you are eating and sleeping enough to get bigger. If you think you are eating enough, you’re not.

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