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Add 1 Inch to Your Arms in 6 Hours?


I was reading this Muscle and Fitness and they had a program in there about being able to add an inch to your arms in 1 workout over a 6 hour period. For those that didnt see it, basically you do a exercise at the top of the hour, then another 20 after and then another 40 after the hour. You will repeat this workout for a total of 6 times.

I am in Afghanistan right now and will be heading home in about an month so me and a friend of mine were thinking about trying this one night before we headed home since we will have a little free time during our travel. Just wondering if anyone has tried this before and what the results were? Any information would be appreciated.


How long do you think that extra inch will last? 1 hour ? 6 hours?

Don't fall for parlor tricks, bud.


According to the article the size is suppose to be permanent as long as you continue working out after the program. I dont think that everyone will gain a inch from it but in theory it should give you some size, especailly if you have hit a plateau. I think that I will still give it a try since I will have the time and the extra rest time traveling back to Cali. Thanks for the info, I will let you know if I see any gains and how long they last.


It's the same as hitting your arm with a baseballbat and the resulting swelling causing you to gain an inch. It's serious inflammation that occurs, not growth of muscle fiber. And of course, if you start with a 14 inch arm and continue working out, chances are you hit 15 pretty fast.


In theory, putting on calogne and taking a shower will make you more attractive and allow you to bring home Jessica Beil.


If you have time just do it then, and report back with photos.


Thing they didn't tell you is the extra inch is added to the length of your arms, not the circumference and it comes from holding the heavy dumbbells too long.


I need to do this program. I have arms like a fucking T-Rex.


don't do it man. i accidentally did it for 10hrs instead of 6, and look what happened to me


1) It's called the pump

2) You don't need 6 hours. You can do it in 1h easily, probably 30 minutes. Not sure how long it will last though, but apparently it's the "big thing" on friday evenings.


holymac can you post the specifics of your arm pump routine?


I've seen guys doing close grip push ups in the bathroom at the bar.

I hate people.


I have to admit I've done close grip pushups at uni once. However, it was only because I was bored and needed to take a break from work, I promise!

I've seen a group of two or three high school kids do the friday night arm pump routine a couple of times at my old gym. Fortunately I now train at a different gym and in the morning.

Your hatred of people is perfectly justified. I just had a phone call from my mom and, being a bit pissed of with a work situation, I asked her "Why do you think humanity hasn't died out yet given the number of idiots who have to be told to wipe their asses after using the toilet?". Her answer was "Because the smart minority keeps telling them what to do."



I heard that steroid usage in the military etc is on the increase...maybe you should 'jump on the wagon'? lol


I did this back when I first started lifting. What a pain in the ass. I did get a good pump, and my arms were a little bigger (than the 12.5 inch cannons I started the workout with) at the end of the day. But I was back to normal the next day. My arms hurt for a week afterwards.


I went to the bar on Friday and some frosh 19 YO was doing CG pushups against the sink, saying he was going to "seriously slay" with his pump.

The fail is strong with this one.


Stuff like this is bs, i've been doing complexes for the last few weeks to cut abit of fat and it's mainly compounds lasting 45mins....the pump i get in all muscles at the end is unbelievable, arms go up over 1inch and it looks awesome but feels shit cos i feel so swollen/pumped and guess what lasts only a few hours and then...puff....gone as quick as it came!


This has been around for a long time. Seen in various muscle magazines....probably all of them at one time or another. They used to call it The One Day Arm Cure.

As others have said, it certainly seems to be just an extreme pump coupled with a state of hyper- inflammation. Maybe we can get an exercise physiologist in here to confirm...lol...


If I get an erection every 20 minutes for 6 hours will I add an inch to my schlong?


No, but you will certainly start to chafe..