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ADCC 2011 Predictions?


This weekend im off to watch ADCC and frankly I can't wait.

http://thejiujitsulab.wordpress.com/2011/09/19/adcc-2011-preview/ here is a good preview of the catagories.

Im looking forwards to Lagarto and Andre Galvao take it too their divisions

There some stacked divisions and some great super fights. Im looking forwards to Braulio Estima and Jacare's match. And Mario Sperry and vs Renzo Gracie will be good hopefully.


I'm eager about Marcelinho, Murilo Santanna, Popovitch and Gabi Garcia.


What a brilliant event, despite the apparent lack of interest on T-Nation.

Marcelo as perusual was godlike, he tore through day one in a flurry of guillotine chokes.

Monson got DQ'd for greasing and leg submissions seemed to be the way to get beaten

Galvao vs Palsares was the highlight for me, how does the Palsares pack that much muscle into 88kgs?

Run down here



I heard jacare is retiring from the ADCC to focus on MMA


Yup, Jacare retired from all grappling competitions, bjj included to focus on MMA.

I really hope he improves his cardio, he always ends up gassing on his last 3 fights otherwise it will be a bad move to retire in a sport he is spectacular to go to another he isn't quite a standout.


Is it real that stuff about Monson?

people were talking here at Brazil and i've heard nothing about it.


btw curious about Palhares matches, people have been talking that he fucked 2 competitors knees too and had his bizarre behavior on display again against Avellans


How did David Avvelan and Enricco Coco do?

Those guys were my coaches when I was doing bjj here in Miami.


Toquinho is a bad guy, i hate him, he injured Avellan's knee on one his leg locks and they almost brawled.

Excerpt from one blog about ADCC 2011:

"His match with David Avellan resulted in one of the most gruesome knee-bars of all time when after already popping Avellanâ??s knee multiple times after wrenching on a heelhook after the referee tried to stop the match, the Brazilian tree stump almost came to blows with Avellan before he torqued Avellanâ??s knee again leading to the American being carried off the mat."



The referee stupidly reset them when Palhares had the sub on, sub can't take place off the mat (but a certain amount of grappling could). They were reset in the posistion and Palhares just went for it. Galvao was outstanding too, technical and solid. Interestingly most of the sub wins were leg locks.

Sadly for British fighters they all got knocked out in the 1st round, including the highly touted Dan strauss, he was unlucky drawing Calasans in the 1st.


Wow that is fucked up!

I heard he did this to a few other guys.

ANy word on Enrico Coco?


He got "Seoi Nage'ed" in a spectacular fashion



Video not found.


damn =( it was a beautiful seoi nage