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Adarqui's Journal

My 2 cents are that the sudden crazy volume on the lunges, combined with races are the culprit to this.
You are so competitive a racer, and at your level you must be careful about what you’re changing in training.

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lunge volume + speed sessions. I hadn’t raced since lunging.

about 2 weeks ago my glutes were very sore from lunges, and the next day i did a long session with fast finish, made them even more sore. then the next day I did a speed session. the speed session wasn’t smart. felt so good & was flying, just too fast given the soreness. caused something to tear.

03/01: 09:00 AM: walking lunges: 22 minutes

03/03: 09:00 AM: mostly light w/ mod speed: 1h37m @ {27 x ~60-100m, mostly 4:5X min/mi} ::: (grass, spikes, felt great other than left low back/left hamstring)

03/04: 08:45 AM: walking lunges: 27 min (~800)

03/05: 08:30 AM: very light “micro progression” until the last few miles: 1h29m ::: (grass/dirt/rocks, feel great except for my CRAZY SORE glutes lmao)

03/06: 08:00 AM: this was going to be such a great session, fu*k! -> 1h43m @ {relaxed speed progression: 8 x ~330m, 6:41 min/mi to 4:54 min/mi, stopped because glutes (left especially) were too sore & low back achy} + {light miles} ::: (grass, spikes, felt great, nice weather)

03/04 - 03/06.

03/06 was dumb. glutes crazy sore, hamstrings probably had to work harder to compensate, left one tweaked.



I’m crying for you. Looks like it’s time to let the body heal up and recover while limiting scar tissue formations. Riding a bike some will keep your conditioning and let you work the legs some but take some of the pounding off the lower half.

Get well soon man! Listen to the body and recover well

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Nah i’m good don’t cry :smiley: If I had been logging here my whole life it would be injuries everywhere. I’m used to this, unfortunately. I’m really good at keeping things going while hurt, by working around it -> hoping that’s the case here.

Nah no bike (don’t have one) and tbh that’d probably wreck me (sacral spine especially, but the ROM would stretch my ham out a bit). Jump rope is great so far (0 ROM). I can see how it could end up causing some aches/tweaks though, ankles/calves have been hit pretty hard. Have to be careful with it. I plan to use jump rope, very slow jogging (with extra layers of clothes on in the heat), and walking.

Just did a 2 hour jump rope session today…The last 20 minutes was hell, love it. The good thing is though, haven’t felt any pains in the hamstring origin area at all today. No pains after the jump rope session, which is great. In fact, it’s the opposite: feel amazing after the jump rope session.

Going to do some super slow jogging tomorrow, but not non-stop: probably jog a mile, walk 0.5 etc… just to see if I can get through that without causing anything to freak out. Also going to wear lots of layers so that it’s beyond brutal. Heat shock proteins!

peace man!

and yup! thanks alot!


feel so good today… no sign of injury. that’s most likely not the case, but the illusion of feeling healthy, is great.

turn sound on if you want to hear how fast my speed rope spins… it’s crazy.

after my 2 hour jump rope session, other than right ankle being a little achy felt amazing all day. got sunburned tho.


  • lots of icing, hamstring/glute and back.


  • ate light but good
  • a whole half gallon of grape fruit juice after the jump rope session… HEH

10:55 AM: speed rope: 2hr ::: 120 min x ~140 SPM = ~17,000 turns /// last 20 minutes was brutal



  • morning: felt great
  • evening: DOMS / calves (gastrocs) very sore

09:00 AM: very light progression: 30min ::: (dirt, felt great, hamstring improving)


  • soreness: calves improving but still sore
  • rained all day too. made it easy to rest.





  • feel kinda lame, but also feel like im healing up a bit more
  • sacral spine/low back achy

09:30 AM: very light: 1h02m ::: (dirt/rocks, hamstring felt ok but no idea if it can handle more speed, low back achy)

good sign that my hamstring held up. felt it barely a few times throughout the day afterwards. hopefully this just triggers some extra strength/healing for saturday. still have no idea how i’m going to run a hard half on saturday… i mean if it doesnt bug me i should be able to. if it bugs me i’ll have to trot it out.


damn i’m 157 lb. lool.



  • sacral spine tender/achy

09:15 AM: speed rope: 40 min /// high tempo, tough

cranked up the rope speed kinda hard. lots of really fast blocks in there. so fast that i’d hope i’d mess up, but didn’t, and just kept going. was funny.



felt good today.

well… tomorrow i have a half marathon race. odds aren’t in my favor that i’ll be able to race the whole thing… but who knows. we’ll find out shortly. 6 AM race with a blood orange moon out, so if my hamstring is feeling ok i should run fast. i still feel like i’m in great shape. don’t think i’ve lost much fitness at all.

i came in 3rd last year with 1:21-ish. it was one of my favorite races. i love all coral springs race, it’s basically my back yard.

anyway. it’s a race for people battling cancer etc… so how I end up racing it, isn’t a big deal in the grand scheme of things.

also: this week & last week’s race I signed up for several months ago… so, if my hamstring re-tweaks tmw, I don’t have any races i’ve signed up for. I hope it doesn’t tweak… if it tweaks, i’m stopping immediately, no problem. If it doesn’t tweak, i’m running hard. simple formula.


  • sacral spine tender/achy (not as much as yesterday)
  • legs felt really good all day

Hope you’re hamstring holds up my friend.
Good luck, maybe don’t push from the start, well you’re a racer, so maybe it’s not an option :slight_smile:


Thanks alot man! About to head out… man I feel so good… if the hamstring holds up, should run decent! :f

I’ll try to keep it at 6:00 min/mi pace… lmao! :<

I’d bet against me if I were betting but, one never knows lmao.

peace man!!

Good luck. Run hard and safe!!

Expecting a podium and nothing else!

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Thanks alot man

There were no miracles today. :d There’s good news though: what i’ve been doing has definitely help heal some of these things going on and still maintain my fitness. I just couldn’t hit the pace I wanted to without my back getting achy, then my hamstring tightening up etc… but, it didn’t re-tear or anything like that. I had to back off at mile 3, then shut it down completely at mile 9. I tried cranking up the pace hard before mile 9, because I was still within range of 3rd OA. So I just said fu*k it and started picking it up then felt things really tightening up so i slowed up bigtime.

I just coasted it in from there… then ran another 10 miles (24 total). Hamstring/glute/back felt fine going slow.

Hours later, hamstring feels ok… So this is good news: it didn’t “re-tear” and i stressed it pretty hard today.

So i’m happy about it.

I guess the annoying thing is, a bunch of fast people showed up and if I had been healthy, I would have battled them hard. Sucks to not be able to do that. My plan a few months ago was to hit this half @ 1:18 or lower pace. A month ago when I did that 12k+5k @ 5:5X pace total, I was on track to make that happen.

All good tho. I’ll heal up more, then do some 5k’s to get my confidence back in my leg/hip/back.

I’ll post some data later. First mile was ~5:55, 5k was 18:XX, 10k was 39:39. “Slow” for me, but definitely decent considering everything.

peace man!


LOL, I’m planning on doing a 5K or 2 this spring, and I’ll be totally stoked if I can hit your ‘walking it out’ 27:XX time!


awesome! ya man they are fun. you’ll enjoy it.

hah. get it!

start out a little slower and build up gradually (if you can) over mile 2 & 3 etc. lots of people (like myself) start off too fast, but if you’re not used to it, it can wreck you early on. so, not starting out too fast & staying relaxed are very important.

peace man!


abort-but-finished another race.

3 out of the last 3 races have been wrecked.

body felt really banged up afterwards.

post-race shower was insanely painful (nip/chafe wreckage).



  • ate light
  • body felt ok pre-race. 5 hours sleep. sacral spine achy.

06:00 AM: race abort + slow long run /// the wheelchair racer was blind: a guide behind her told her how to adjust, it was incredible

left hamstring/glute/low back tweaked but not as bad as in the 5k 2 weeks ago, so some healing progress at least.
mile 1 was actually pretty decent. then stuff slowly started tightening up until i had to pull back at mile 3 or so. then around mile 9 had to shut it way down.
hard for me to actually care about my small injuries when this is a race for people battling cancer.
all good.

felt really good the first mile… a miracle looked like a possibility.

a few really fast people showed up. one of them pulled his hamstring in the first quarter mile, sucks. watched him start falling apart and then shut it down and go to the ground and start stretching - DNF. I know the guy he’s cool.

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legs good-wrecked.

sacral spine been jacked up for a while. i really hate when it flares up.



  • ate light


  • quads/calves destroyed
  • hamstrings/glutes a bit sore


  • sacral spine achy, back achy


  • lots of light stretching, especially back/hip mobility to try and loosen up my back.
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id just like to point out that, had i not been forced to slow down in this race, i wouldn’t have witnessed the “blind wheelchair racer”, who finished the entire half marathon with a guide (on bike) behind her, telling her small adjustments such as: “slight left”, “stay straight” etc.

they passed me at mile 11 or so… and my jaw literally dropped once i realized what was going on.

that’s absolutely incredible. props to that lady (the wheelchair racer) and the guide.

i’ve never seen a “blind” athlete before… always respect it so much when I see it on tv. i’ve only seen blind runners before, running with guides, and some of them can really fly… it’s remarkable.


(writing this on 03/26, regarding stretching the night prior):

stretching: did tons of stretching, hamstrings/glutes/calves/upper back/lats/chest etc… nothing made me feel any better UNTIL I did some more intense glute/hip stretches at night before bed. I was getting annoyed and basically just started becoming a pretzel, putting whatever bodyweight I could onto my hip/glute (via internal rot etc), and just staying in that position for minutes at a time. I was trying to be careful too, because some of those positions were making my knees feel it a bit, positions i never get in.

the difference was “night and day”. I probably spent 30 minutes total stretching, including some intense lying hamstring stretches. but the glute/hip stuff I did got something to relax and my back/hip/glute/hamstring felt “fixed”. I wondered if upon waking up i’d be back to “normal” (wrecked) -> felt just like I did last night, even an hour or so after getting up.

I eased my way into the stretches, got some crazy ROM at the end (hamstrings & glutes/hips).

TLDR: think I found something to relax some of the stuff that’s tweaked in my back/hip/glute. The biggest difference so far is actually my back… feels “released” of something tugging on it. Just feeling this good again is making me happy, just hoping to get back to running slow - completely pain free. That’s the real goal.



  • ate light with a cauliflower/broccoli stir fry for dinner


  • quads/calves destroyed
  • hamstrings/glutes a bit sore


  • sacral spine achy, back achy


  • morning: lots of light stretching, especially back/hip mobility to try and loosen up my back.
    - evening: intense hamstring, glute/hip stretches
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Hey my running friend, haven’t been on your log for over a week.
What’s happening man, sorry to hear about your struggles.
Hope you’ll get it fixed quick.

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