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Adarqui's Journal


ya i love how i finished it. unexpected tbh, and pretty hard given the lack of sleep + stomach issues. but i dug deep on that one, just to drop something “respectable”, which ended up getting me 3OA … so ill take it.

ya it’s alot of races hah. most of it came in march+ too. several back2back’s, one double etc. nutty.

plan on still doing some back2back’s this year, but not really any doubles - that was kinda nuts. easier to burn out on that stuff.

happy new year man!! much appreciated!

will try to get on another level in 2019.


4.5 hour drive + race + 1.5 hour drive + 13 mile clay loop + 3 hour drive … spent.

didn’t really even try to race hard today… was just too wrecked. i should have just gone for a fast blow up at least, that’s my only “regret”.

got a great photo tho, eh! the very start of the race. guy on the far right dropped 4:20. one of the fastest floridians out there right now, maybe THE fastest.


top3 finishes:
2019: 0/1
2018: 30/45
2017: 6/12
2016: 4/10
2015: 0/2
2006: 0/1


  • all over the place

Frank Shorter Mile: 17th OA @ 5:20 ::: 4.5 hour drive to race 1 mile on dead legs, im a beast. lmfao.

13 miles on the Clermont clay loop - absolutely incredible. forgot my xc flats tho, had to run in 5k flats, eek.


might do a 6 hour ultra race on sunday!! hehe!

that’s one of the reasons i’ve dropped some of these “big mileage sessions” lately, ie the 27 total on Sunday etc.





  • ok, too little early on, fixed it later


some hills.

got another photo. ehehe. dude up front is so strong/fast, it’s insane. i mean you can just see it.


top3 finishes:
2019: 0/1
2018: 30/45
2017: 6/12
2016: 4/10
2015: 0/2
2006: 0/1

sub5 mi’s, sub3 1k’s:
2019: 0, 0
2018: 12, 15
2017: 1, 1
2016: 0, 0
2015: 0, 0


  • very good.
  • beet juice, broccoli/cauliflower stir fry, aged gouda + crackers

06:30 AM: mod-hills/long: main workout = {hills @ 1 hour, 8:XX min/mi pace} ::: (grass/dirt/steep hills, felt decent) /// solid hour on the hills, sub9 is tough on this path

the one thing that always stands out about hills… is how loose my legs/quads feel afterwards.

that has to be a great thing.

unfortunately tho, top of right foot was hurting after the cooldown. i imagine the hills did it, but during the cooldown (after a mile pain free) run home, my right foot started hurting, actually walked to be safe.

hope it’s nothing and is fine tomorrow.


Hope it’s fine! Great work in here man


Thanks so much man!

Yea, those damn hills caused it to tweak a little. It’s a very steep hill so, forefoot all the way up, Intense dorsiflexion.

Did 13 light miles today, didn’t feel it at all until mile 12. Came back a little at mile 12 so, finished it up and ended the session.

Tomorrow i’m doing complete rest, then sunday = a 6 hour race… I think it’ll be fine for that race. because it’s definitely alot better today.

Definitely annoying that it tweaked, but hopefully it won’t resurface at all on sunday.

One good thing about the tweak tho is… It’s cemented my strategy in for sunday: go “hard” the first 3 hours. if my foot starts bugging at say 2 hours in, then i’ll be in a better position if i get more miles in.

I think i’m going to try and go ~7:5X-8:0X pace for the first 3 hours. that’ll get me closer to 30 miles by hour 4. then it’s just a brutal grind (walking, running, or a combo of both) until I hit the 6 hour mark.

That’s what i’m anticipating anyway…

This is a prize money race so… if I top 3 it, guac!


peace man!



nice light medium-long run.

some photos of the trees at that mile race:



  • very good.
  • also had an incredible cookies & cream milkshake from zinburger… these are #1 on my list.

07:30 AM: light: 1h41m @ {mostly 7:XX, mile 12 = 6:47} ::: (grass, relaxed, top of right foot achy from hills yesterday)

footer states:

top3 finishes:
2019: 0/1
2018: 30/45
2017: 6/12
2016: 4/10
2015: 0/2
2006: 0/1

sub5 mi’s, sub3 1k’s:
2019: 0, 0
2018: 12, 15
2017: 1, 1
2016: 0, 0
2015: 0, 0


feeling kinda meh today… left soleus tight/achy, right ankle achy. could just be pre-race aches.

also had heartburn all day… really hope it’s gone tomorrow. I hate running with heart burn.

need to wakeup at 04:50 AM, to get to the park and be ready to race @ 06:00 AM!



  • ate alot
  • cauliflower/broccoli stir fry
  • beet juice
  • orange juice etc

06:30 AM: very light: 33min ::: (grass)

07:05 PM: very light: 30m ::: (grass, feel great) /// left soleus a bit tight, top of right foot felt ok

footer stats:

top3 finishes:
2019: 0/1
2018: 30/45
2017: 6/12
2016: 4/10
2015: 0/2
2006: 0/1

sub5 mi’s, sub3 1k’s:
2019: 0, 0
2018: 12, 15
2017: 1, 1
2016: 0, 0
2015: 0, 0


Hey man good luck tomorrow.
Remember it’s all in the head, the first hour maybe 90 minutest is going to be easy, then you’ll feel a bit sorry for yourself, but keep the pace.
After 3 hours you think about quitting and you want to start walking, keep running.
When you’re entering the final 90 minutes, find a mantra to keep repeating, like “A Kenyan wouldn’t quit”
I feel sorry for you man, long distance running is no fun at all, it’s a mind game.
BUT when you’re finished and standing on the podium it’s all worth it.


Thanks so much @mortdk, didn’t get a chance to read that until now!

but yup, very much in the head. these distances are very much a head game. i’m decent in that arena, all the alone running/training, never getting bored etc. it def helps in a race like this, I could see it.

an understatement… :slight_smile:

i’ll fill in t-nation in a bit, i’m so dead. but in a nutshell, an insane upset (by me) to get 1st overall. I beat a few very accomplished ultra marathoners. I brought it, I ran very fast for ~4 hours. then I started coasting it, thinking I was winning easily… then on the very last lap, the seasoned ultra marathoner caught up to me, and I just went absolutely apeshit and finished with a gap of over a minute. It was psychotic. Finished at 5:19 pace down the final stretch of the race… Just refused to lose.

i’m $360 richer & won new shoes!

~42 miles in 5h53m… people were shocked.



Fuark brother congratulation.
That is indeed insane :slight_smile:


Holy fuck! Congrats brother, that’s a hell of a way to kick the year off.


Very nice work man. You sir are a machine. Rest well!


Thanks so much my man.

And dude, it really is. It’s so insane.


Thanks so much @MarkKO … seriously man, couldn’t have started 2019 any better. This was a batshit crazy performance.

Really thanks alot. Holy fuck is still my reaction when I think about it.


Thanks so much @losthog!! You know, I agree, I am a machine. HAHA. That’s one thing i’ll give myself credit for, or won’t deny. I just lock in and keep grinding. Doesn’t mean i’m the best or anything, but I definitely put in some decent hard work and bring it. I just need to stay healthy and stay focused, work harder AND smarter, and just slowly keep improving.

And ya man!! been resting all day, i’m wiped out. About to sleep now. I doubt I run tomorrow… If I do, it might be an evening session as snail pace, for recovery hah.

peace man!!!


6 hour race day! wtf?

this was DEFINITELY my biggest win ever. the feedback from the local running community also confirms that. people’s minds are blown.

i’ll summarize it here, instead of below.

  • I wokeup at 04:50 AM. felt good but left calf felt tight still.

  • Had a banana & orange juice at 05:00 AM.

  • Left for the event at 05:25 AM.

  • I got to the event at 05:45 AM.

  • Rushed to drop off my bags (full of supplies) along the course, after the lap marker, near people’s tents

  • Rushed to the bathroom, had to wait, got out of it at 05:57 AM.

  • Rushed up to the start.

  • Waited a few minutes, boom horn goes off.

  • Go out at 7:3X pace or so.

  • It felt easy so I just kept it going.

  • During the very first mile, had to pee… ended up holding it the entire race. LMFAO.

  • Luckily I never had to drop a #2

  • Used my head lamp for about an hour. Worked good, felt fine.

  • Left calf kept yelling at me, just randomly, as if it were about to strain/cramp.

  • For the first two hours, I was mostly battling my calf, even though I was laying down solid laps (all under 8:00 min/mi total per lap).

  • My calf eventually stopped complaining, it was amazing. I was still cautious of it but, that’s all I wanted… for it to just go away so I can relax more and have a great race.

  • Around hour 2 I was running with one of the ultra marathoners who got 2nd OA last year. I know him. He kept telling me I was doing great and that I was in about 5th place. I was cracking up inside my head because, I knew I was in first. He had no idea. So I never let on I knew. Eventually we broke apart, then i saw him again later and he’s like “DUDE YOU’RE IN FIRST”. It was funny.

  • During the first hour, people who knew me kept telling me to slow down. I’d joke with them and tell them i’m fine, just jogging.

  • They really didn’t get what was going on.

  • Towards hour 3, they started just showing more support instead of instructions, it was starting to set in that I was really competing to win it.

  • I had rocks in my shoes for the entire run, accumulated from the rocky/mulchy trails. Sometimes it really sucked.

  • At hour 4, somewhere at the start of the lap, I started feeling my stomach a little… I was worried about cramping from dehydration, so I finally caved in and told myself I will down a small bottle of gatorade at the end of the lap. So at 4h:10m, I had my first hydration/calories.

  • After that hydration, I actually started slowing down. It felt good and helped my stomach, but it also signaled to me that I was out of a danger zone so I let off the gas -> in order to play it a bit more safe and “coast out the W”. I figured after dropping sub8 min/mi pace for 4 hours, that I was basically untouchable if I kept it at sub10 min/mi. Which was actually accurate.

  • Thing is however. I took in some more liquids every other lap. Each time probably wasting 1 minute, since I was drinking in place. Then wasted another minute looking for my hat (eyes were getting sunburned).

  • Total all of that up, in addition to running at like 9:5X pace, and the 2nd overall guy who I had lapped, had now come back to me and was on my tail… AND I HAD NO IDEA.

  • At ~4.5 hours or so, people I knew, and didn’t know, were really cheering me on now. Giving me extra support, trying to get me to stay focused and win it. At this point, it dawned on everyone that I could win this race.

  • I had really slowed but I thought I was in a commanding lead.

  • Some random guy blew by me, who wasn’t in the relay, and I started worrying that he was trying to catch me on a crazy lap. So, I actually picked it up a little to make sure he wouldn’t lap me. This turned out to be a very important move.

  • As that lap was finishing, and i’m crossing into the crowd/timing/lap section, I hear: “Here comes our leader Andrew Darqui!!!”… i’m like yayyyy… then I hear: “and right behind him, is 2nd place, who finished 3rd last year. This is our closest race ever folks!!”

  • I said to the announcer (who I knew): “yo, how far behind is he”… and he replies: “i dont know, like 2 steps?”

  • I go what the fu*k… I turned my head, and almost in slow motion, I see this guy barreling down on me, no shirt with muscles popping out everywhere, and pure intensity in his face like he’s about to terminate me.

  • I literally freaked out, as if I was scared shitless to lose, after racing for so long, and just hit the gas.

  • I hit the gas… and hit the gas… and turned my head… and there he was trying to stick. Then we get to the big hill.

  • I hit the gas, hard. Knowing this could wreck me.

  • I get to the top of the hill, and my friend who was cheering both of us, stopped to whisper to me: “dude he’s closing on you HARD, GO”

  • I freaked out once again, and just gunned it.

  • Arms flailing, adrenaline flowing hard through my veins, just running as if my life depended on it. I did that for about a minute, turned my head, and no longer saw him. I dropped him.

  • So I hit the gas harder and finished the last stretch at like 5:18 min/mi pace… Just crazy shit considering how long I had been running.

  • My friend who whisper to me, told me after the race, that he also told the guy: “dude that kid is a miler, you have to go hard if you’re going to catch him, go” … which is cool, i’m fine with it. But I guess this is where that speed training i’ve done so much of this year, just became the difference maker in such a critical moment. He just didn’t have that gear at that point, or in general, because of his love for long endurance events. I had several gears, and tapped into every last one of them.

  • It was a complete nightmare for me, to think I was about to lose after giving such a great performance.

  • That nightmare was just something I didn’t want to have to cope with after the race, so I risked system failure in order to get it done.

  • Once I crossed the line, I heard the cheers/announcement, and knew the victory was mine.

  • It felt really good… better than any race victory i’ve ever experience. Nothing came close.

  • I actually entered some state of “euphoria” which people were misinterpreting as me being dizzy/out of it etc… I imagine I was just glassy eyed and wobbling around, but I was just in awe of how that ended.

  • I really thought i’d win this race… No one else did.

  • What I didn’t expect, was how i’d have to win it. To win it like that, makes it something I will never forget.

  • After the race I got some crazy respect… from like, everyone. It was nuts. People were shocked.

  • At the awards, they announced “Andrew Darqui, who just made his ultra marathon debut.”

  • Then my friend (who is a local legend), kept yelling “and sub5 minute miler!!”

  • He kept yelling it, until the guy announcing it actually repeated it… then when the guy repeated it, my friend the local legend was basically like “im proud of you darqui” … he told me that alot.

  • “you made us proud”

  • I really pulled this one out of the hat today… lmao.

  • Finally, as they are announcing the 2nd place guy … he comes up, i give him a bug handshake & congratulate him … and he actually turns it into a hug. He just gives me a huge hug, without saying anything…

  • It was really intense and interesting.

  • Now knowing that this guy is as beast as he is, it makes it even more interesting. I think we pushed each other pretty hard… and it was just some major respect from him to me.

  • After that, I went to go get two milkshakes :smiley:

so ya… that was insane.

i’ve been amp’d up about it all day. big smile on my face… can’t wipe it off.

Ever since doing the relay last year, I knew I could win this thing. I was confident I would win it today, as long as I hit 40 miles. Instead, I had to hit ~42 miles to win it.

Also: I won $360 and free shoes!

They take tons of awesome photos at this event so, i’ll have alot of content. I also have some videos, one by the event themselves: they told me they have my last finishing stretch.

OH!!! On that last lap, apparently a few people put money down on who would win… most people lost their money, since they bet on the other guy. :smiley: He wouldn’t give me details, but he did say, everyone thought I was wrecked at that point and it was game over.

Can’t think of anything else… if I do, i’ll re-edit and add it in.

what a day.



  • 05:00 AM: orange juice, banana, water
  • 06:00 AM: 6 hour race: small gatorade rain at 10:10 AM, then more gatorade rain’s/electrolyte drinks off and on until the end.
  • 12:00 PM: tons of gatorade
  • 02:30 PM: 2 toddy milkshakes
  • more gatorade/fluids
  • 08:00 PM: fridays: chicken tenders, fries, mac & cheese!

06:00 AM: Vista View Ultta 360: 1st OA @ ~42 miles / 34 laps im 5h53m ::: bruh… this was insane. especially since i had to kick for like 1.24 miles in the end to win. wtf. /// won $360 prize money!!!

won $360 AND some hoka one one shoes!

also, i didn’t drink fluids/have any calories etc until 4h10m. this might seem odd but, didn’t want to risk cramping up (sensitive stomach etc). so around that time, felt like i needed it, then started downing liquids.

whoa I got a marathon PR… lol :smiley:

a bunch of random stats:

only took 4 breaks, to drink fluids. i’m not comfortable running and drinking, so i stopped completely to drink gatorade etc. you can see this by the long lines. also not how long before the first long line… 4h10m before I first ingested some calories:

my fastest mile, of the ~42 miles, was the LAST one… that’s INSANE. can see this by the fastest estimated mile on the right. my last lap was also the fastest (lap = 1.24 mi):


my sub8 min/mi splits:

  • the 8:XX’s mixed in with the 7:XX’s is usually due to the hill. it’s a big hill. so sometimes the hill is in a perfect spot to slow the whole split down.

flying at the end, best pace 5:18:

my lap splits and the results:

  • highlighted split (last one) is the fastest…:smiley:

the accomplished ultra marathoner i ended up getting a W against:



i dropped a top 10 performance!

I’m tied for 6th @ 42.16 miles… INSANE!

Imagine if I start focusing a bit more on ultra specific fitness???

footer stats:

top3 finishes:
2019: 1/2
2018: 30/45
2017: 6/12
2016: 4/10
2015: 0/2
2006: 0/1

sub5 mi’s, sub3 1k’s:
2019: 0, 0
2018: 12, 15
2017: 1, 1
2016: 0, 0
2015: 0, 0


In no particular order:

If you do decide to travel for a race and come to Chicago, let me know and I’ll take you out for a meal. We have a great racing scene and Chicago is awesome in the summer.

Have you tried Graston for your calves? I’ve had similar issues as you and had tried for 2+ years to resolve the issues but only after 3-4 sessions of Graston did the issue go away.

Lastly, I’m gobsmacked after reading your ultra marathon race account. To have your hops, mile speed, and speed endurance is crazy (in a great way). Keep up the great work.


One of my 2019 goals is to prepare myself to do some races outside of FL in 2020, so that just might happen! Cool man. If I do, we’ll definitely get some food. t-meetup-2020. :F

Damn! Having that go away would be heaven. And nope, I haven’t done any “professional physio”. I’ve been wanting to for a while now… but just haven’t done it. I should really look into getting some treatments and see if it helps alot of nagging issues.

My calves have definitely gotten better than say, 6 months ago. So that’s a good thing. But, i’d love for those weird aches to completely disappear. Need to look into getting some pro treatment.

Right now my nagging aches are:

  • calves (both soleus mostly, going on for over a year probably)
  • right glute/hip (from that fall in late nov, def wrecked something a bit)

Right glute/hip is achy after that ultra. Other than that though, basically no soreness… wtf?

Damn man. Thanks so much!!

Yeah man it’s admittedly a little nutty… It covers a fairly large spectrum hah. I just want to unleash the animal and compete at the highest level that i’m capable of. To me, that’s what I love about this stuff. When I can just compete on instinct at a higher level than months or years prior, it feels great. A great (and very recent) example is that last lap of the Ultra. I just took off and ran crazy, it felt like I couldn’t slow down even if I wanted too. I mean I was thinking about going too fast & blowing up, but instead of being careful, I just kept going faster. My subconscious was actually driving me more than my conscious perhaps, which doesn’t happen very often, but when it does - it feels incredible.

I need to figure out how to get your peak 5k time now… hah!!

I’m going to hopefully start putting in alot more miles again. Want to build the base more, and also race more longer races than 5k’s. That Steve Scott elite miler (one of the best ever), raced tons of 10k’s etc. That was eye opening to me tbh… One of the best miler’s ever, racing ~18 x 1500m-1 mile races in a year, but also like 6 x 10k’s, and only 3 x 5k’s. Very rugged. Tons of miles. Lots of “I feel like shit” training sessions. Lots of “I raced like shit” races. Then some absolutely insane races etc. Helped me feel a little better about feeling so crappy - so often (the last few months). These “throwback” racers are great motivation for me.

I might sign up for a 10k on Saturday. Need to make sure i’m 100% recovered though first.

peace man!!