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Adarqui's Journal


speed day.

felt GREAT after two days rest… damn. roger bannister knew how to do it.

didn’t punch the gas tho.


<= 4:59 mile vs <= 2:59 km:

  • 11 (sub5) + 11 (sub3) = 22 of 50, 28 to go!

top3 finishes:
2018: 28/37 (stay healthy!)
2017: 6/12
2016: 4/10
2015: 0/2
2006: 0/1


  • ate good/light

8:50 PM: workout: mod speed after 2d rest (grass/spikes/pitch dark): {mile @ 5:00} + {6 x 400-420m, 4:5X-4:3X pace per effort}

felt great after two days rest. didn’t punch the gas tho.

took 2 days off after that light long run on sunday, made me feel awful. body achy, soleus hurting etc. the small break helped me recover mostly.

196 SPM on that mile effort, nice! (lower than usual)

anyway, felt good tonight.

wanted to do many more quarter mile efforts but park was closed, not smart training there like that at night.

trying to gear myself up lately for some bigger workouts (stacking hard speed volume into one workout, ie multiple sub5’s and/or sub3’s etc).




light day.


<= 4:59 mile vs <= 2:59 km:

  • 11 (sub5) + 11 (sub3) = 22 of 50, 28 to go!

top3 finishes:
2018: 28/37 (stay healthy!)
2017: 6/12
2016: 4/10
2015: 0/2
2006: 0/1


  • ate great

09:00 AM: workout: light + hard surface acclimation (sidealk): 40 min

just feel too good on grass, so im going to do light recovery runs on concrete/roads for a while.

09:00 PM: workout: light recovery + hard surface acclimation @ 30 min (sidewalk)

this’ll probably end up being a smart decision.

light recovery runs on hard surfaces, speed on grass mostly (track sometimes), races on roads (wish we had more XC).

light recovery on grass is just too “easy” on my legs, feel different when I do it on the roads (much harder impact obviously).


rest day.

race tomorrow.

left knee/calves a bit beat up, probably due to the increase in road running lately. need to re-adapt to this.


<= 4:59 mile vs <= 2:59 km:

  • 11 (sub5) + 11 (sub3) = 22 of 50, 28 to go!

top3 finishes:
2018: 28/37 (stay healthy!)
2017: 6/12
2016: 4/10
2015: 0/2
2006: 0/1


  • had a large frozen coffee w/ whipped cream at dunkin donuts… i ordered a small like usual, but the lady likes me & gave me a large, need to tell her not to do that if she does it again, was way too much, felt like it gave me diabeetus.
  • 2 x beet juice today
  • salted almonds


tmw morning, i’m traveling up an hour or so to do a prize money 5k.

$300/200/100 for top 3. should be able to top 3 it, could be my first prize money earnings :smiley:

we’ll see.

going to try and snap out of it tomorrow and get back to battling. November/December are important so, need to get back to being ready for war. Big races coming up.

weather should suck (rain/hot/humid).


Awesome! Go get it


good luck tomorrow.
Remember race day is race day. Stay focused and mental strong.
Race day is NOT a training day. You WANT to WIN.
I think you did a bit to your mental readiness of the race when you did the all out start and then started to ease up afterwards.
It’s okay to plan to go hard the first mile, but then the rest of the race should be hell.
Anyways go blast them competitors away.


thanks dude! got something.


nah that didn’t do anything. i’ve been doing that since 2016. racing in the heat sucks.

thanks man!


first prize money winnings!

$200 \o/



No surprise there. Good work.


race news:

long story short: i forgot to pay my phone bill… so when i went to turn on the map before I got on the highway, i had no phone service… and I had to find the race the old fashion way… LMFAO. I knew generally where it was, so stopped at some gas stations and got it done. that was nutty tho.

probably ~5 hours sleep. going to try very hard to get up earlier, this week.

also, this race was at 7:45 AM … given the time change, it’s basically 8:45 AM weather. it was scorching hot.


<= 4:59 mile vs <= 2:59 km:

  • 11 (sub5) + 11 (sub3) = 22 of 50, 28 to go!

top3 finishes:
2018: 29/38 (stay healthy!)
2017: 6/12
2016: 4/10
2015: 0/2
2006: 0/1


  • oj/rxbar/water before race, felt ok
  • ate light
  • nice stir fry tho, will post photo tmw

07:45 AM: race: Zoe Loren 5k: 3rd OA (2nd male) -> $200 richer / first prize money! where-da-bag-at-where-da-bag-at-where-da-bag-at-where-da-bag-at

first mile went out with #1 OA … played it safe after that, insanely hot. just wanted to get that $200.

sonja-beast blew by me at mile 2.

prize money was: 300/200/100 for top 3 in each gender.

decent opening mile/1km … it was like a jog … a jog where i was breathing “heavy”. but it felt really ez, which is cool.

1st OA is a low 15’s 5k guy.

06:45 PM: light + dead speed: {~800m @ 4:57 min/mi} / 1h:25m light :: (road surface, legs beat up/dead, ate too much spicy food)


Thanks alot @MarkKO! It felt incredible opening that envelope & seeing the check. Seriously, it was a weird moment. I mean, I just had a huge smile on my face. And I felt like, even feeling like crap in this weather, running one mile and coasting the next two, still getting a $200 check … just felt interesting.

If I can figure out how to jog 4:5X miles, i’d be happy… I guarantee it. :confused:

Yeah, i’m kind of in the area of grabbing prize money when it’s locals involved. If the fastest ones show up though, i’m not. The guy who won this today is one of those “fastest ones”. He’s on another level. He probably jogged this race. I mean he looked like he was jogging that first mile, I stayed on his shoulder. He’s a low 15’s 5k guy, but he ran 17:35 today. I bet it was so hot that he just said F it i’m just going to jog it out. If it was great weather he’d of probably pushed it alone. But it was brutal.

There’s a huge 10k next sunday. I’m doing it but, just going to run with some elites for a while hopefully. I have no desire to run a 10k right now, that’s for sure. lol.

It’s big prize money, $2k for the top male/female. Tons of big names come down.

Last year, 3 people went under 30 minutes in this 10k… that’s incredible for a South Florida race. One guy also set a masters (world?) record for a road 10k in that race.

Last year the weather was great though. This year, it’s most likely going to be awful, which really sucks because the faster this race is, the more elites it brings down. Last year it was like 70F - which the elites still complained about because most of them don’t race down here. But they were lucky. The locals loved it.

the top 3 times there are crazy. 4th is a beast too.

peace man!


Congrats man :slight_smile:
Prize money is very nice. When I raced there where always money in it, not much but getting that little extra just feels great.

You say you backed down at 1 mile, while still feeling it was easy… how much further do you reckon you could have followed the race leader?


thanks alot man!!

ah damn that’s awesome. not many prize money races around here. wish more races had prize money.

I think this is the 2nd prize money race i’ve done. The first one I did, was this December mile race (which is coming up soon again).

Definitely to the turnaround which was ~1.5 (I could see it in the distance). It was easy but my heart rate was high, which is what I started worrying about. We were at 5:2X pace. I just didn’t want to keep holding it and then somehow really gas where I couldn’t hold off someone who potentially was coming in with some bigger negative splits.

Talked to the 3rd place guy afterwards. He was trying to catch me up until about 2 miles, then he was just trying to hold onto 3rd (or not collapse from the heat heh). So he didn’t keep pushing hard for the same reason basically… lmao. Strategic when $$ involved.

First place guy must have also slowed up once I backed off. We were ~5:2X, but he finished at ~5:39 pace etc, so he probably went into 5:45 miles or whatever.



I had no idea running had such a following. Great job on getting paid :grin:. Does that take away your amateur status :joy:


Don’t worry, if you’re going easy, the higher heart rate shouldn’t worry you.
It was hot, that put’s an extra heartbeat or 5 on top of it.
You are running shorter distances you Vo2 max (max oxygen consumption) is getting higher, meaning you can operate at a higher heart rate without building lactic acid.
Next time you run a short distance like 5K go by feel not heart rate. Follow the race leader and when/if you start to drop back you can adjust the pace accordingly.
It’s a race, a competition, you’re supposed to go just that bit harder than you do in training.
That’s why I like your goal of the sub 5 and 3’s, as long as you’re under that in training that’s good, you don’t need to push it there your pace is good and you can bring that speed to your races.
I know you’re aware of what you’re doing, and running is probably a bit different to cycling, but I can’t count the times I had to shut everything out and just push far far into red territory just to follow some of the big boys i the peloton. Sometimes I got to the finish line with nothing left other or most when that line came up I somehow found energy to sprint. Not saying I won though :slight_smile:
Well that turned into a long rant.
It’s fun to read about a runner on these forums. Thanks for that.


Yeah that’s what I did, sorry for the confusion.

I didn’t look at my watch at all when I was sticking with the leader, not even for the pace. I knew he was going to go fast so, put my watch on the “clock face” so that I wouldn’t look at it. Once I dropped off, I started looking at my watch because I wanted to maintain it around ~6 min/mi.

As for the HR, I was referring to “feel”. I could feel it was really beating fast, even during the warmups. It was probably like 95F heat index. I just got done with a run right now, was 92F heat index, similar (probably not as hot) conditions as yesterday.

damn. ya, redlining is rough. sometimes it turns out well (end result is positive), sometimes it’s a train wreck.

hah np. wonder if your rant changes tho now with my clarifications :smiley:

regardless, thanks for the feedback/advice as always.

peace man!


It’s huge man. I had no idea either until a few years ago. Pretty much all throughout the US, there’s big races every weekend.

There were a few other “big” prize money races in FL this weekend too (far from me). Then there’s this huge one next weekend, very close by, which i’m going to go have fun at (hopefully).

hahaha!! Thanks man.

nah I think i’m still an amateur :smiley:

would love to get rid of that amateur title eventually tho… :smiley:



all of this concrete running lately has my quads completely destroyed… that is so insane.

i’m not worried though, i imagine i’ll adapt fast and be fine soon - and it’ll give me a big bump in my road speed.

but still… crazy.

feels like i just got back in to squatting etc. quads are complete toast.


light day.

legs trashed (quads especially).


<= 4:59 mile vs <= 2:59 km:

  • 11 (sub5) + 11 (sub3) = 22 of 50, 28 to go!

top3 finishes:
2018: 29/38 (stay healthy!)
2017: 6/12
2016: 4/10
2015: 0/2
2006: 0/1


  • ate great
  • also had 10 chicken wings from anthony’s, needed the protein

09:36 AM:
light run on concrete @ 1 hour ::: (concrete, heavy sweat shirt, crazy hot) /// my quads are absolutely wrecked lately HEH

more hard surface running is wrecking me. but, i should adapt fairly fast sooo… not worried. glad I got on it “this early” though.

[b]07:30 PM:
light @ 1.5 hr ::: (road, quads dead but i felt great)