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Exactly. Nice example. It’s probably the same kind of feeling some people (like myself) get when trying a back flip. You can just feel the inhibition. I used to do them as a kid, no problem. Front & backflips, easy. Then I just got “too smart & cautious”, which is probably a good thing. Now I can’t even attempt one. I don’t want to anymore, i’ll probably wreck myself. But what you stated reminds me of that feeling. I also get it before some important intervals, like say i’m going to max out my mile on my own or run hard repeats … To get my body to hit the gas pedal, I have to really focus hard and literally tell my mind to STFU. I’ll say things out loud, like “relax, just give me what I want”, as if i’m trying to convince my subconscious/protective mechanisms to just let go, and let me get this shit already. However, if i’m in a race, there could be someone there who runs considerably faster than I can run, and i’ll just completely lose all of that inhibition and just try my hardest to keep up with him, until it’s not physiologically possible anymore. My mind will just quiet down, and give me more of what i’m capable of.

Edit: I used the flip analogy because, I think pretty much anyone can related to that. Something like that where, even just thinking about it can make you feel “heavy” and “weak”, ie your body saying, “don’t even try it”.

So I think the competition effect is an incredible “training tool”. Intense training sessions like you mentioned, can bring it out, but it’s still not the same. I imagine you’ve broken many barriers as a result of simply competing in strongman and such, in general.

Now take someone who just has less of that inhibition naturally, like you mentioned some of the people you train with, the “no fear” crowd. That simple innate ability (or trained ability), applied to thousands of training sessions, and you just have much more potential for growth/progress over time. So while you are brute forcing it, and still potentially beating someone in a competition with that mindset, if you also had that lack of inhibition + the drive that you do, it might raise the ceiling incredibly.

I personally don’t think that inhibition is a limit on one’s potential, I just think it can more easily end up that way. More self doubt, more fear, more protective shut down, over thousands of training sessions, should just equate to less progress in general, for the general athletic population.

So that’s where someone like you, or me, and others who might be reading this, might have to dig a little deeper than normal inside our own minds, and also compete more.

Also FWIW, the inhibition I had when stepping into a boxing ring (to spar) every single time was absolutely insane. It never got any better. It took a ridiculous amount of “guts” (for me) to get in there and wait for the bell to ring. Some people just can’t wait to get in there and go to war, i’d call that more natural lack of inhibition in this specific example. That’s when I noticed though, that if I were to be pushed into a situation where I had to survive, my training will take over, and I more often than not did my thing, and always made it out alive, lmfao. This is similar to how I just throw myself in there with races, and try to stick with the fastest group, always at the front, no hanging back. This is apparently “The Kenyan Way”, that’s the mindset in Kenya. Get to the front, hold it for as long as possible, and win or lose bravely. That mindset over time, allows one to truly tap into all of their protected potential.

Edit: Also as far as competition goes, I know lots of people who put off competing in something, and continue training, trying to get everything right. I’ve been guilty of it myself. For the most part (not in every case obviously), just getting in there and competing, is an incredible stimulus and learning experience. I think lots of people want to prepare more initially, so to not look “as bad” in their first “comp” (whatever that may be). But my mentality now, especially, is just go in and not worry about taking an L. Obviously i’m just speaking generally, some things like combat sports can change that. But in general, we learn so much from taking L’s and it gets us in there quicker, experiencing the competition environment of our goal, and helps us progress faster. So i’m completely done caring about how i’ll perform, or worrying about my times or anything like that, I just sign up for a race and compete. If I cramp, have a bad day, run bad, doesn’t bother me -> i’ll still learn from it. Need to stay focused on the bigger picture.

lmao! What you may lack in natural athletic talents, you make up for in your analytics, introspection, self awareness, planning, and drive. It’s just funny how things can even out, ie how you can train so hard & consistent over the many years, and eventually overpower & brute force your way past your competition, some of which may be more gifted naturally, some of which may be brute forcers like yourself, but that competitive spirit is a great way to “lose yourself” and raise the bar.

peace man!!

“Batshit crazy, but in a good way” sounds funny, but I think I get you 8| lmao, thanks!

Pretty cool on your brother. He do it through just jumping & such, or did he go the more “advanced” s&c route with the inclusion of dedicated lifting & reactive work etc. I have several friends online that are around that height, they had to work much harder & longer than me to land their first dunks. I’m short by basketball standards, but a decent height & reach for dunking, so didn’t need to jump like ~40" to land a simple dunk like some people. Have to get up pretty nice to land some hard dunks @ 5’10".

peace man!

If anyone is interesting in marathons, the New York Marathon is happening tomorrow. Here’s a tv listing:

The former world record holder, Wilson Kipsang, who is self coached is going to take it on. It’s a non-pacer race afaik, which means it’s a “slower” marathon by simply the time standards, but usually a more exciting & tougher marathon because it involves more strategy.

I’m pretty amp’d, i’m a huge fan of Kipsang.

This is a really nice (quick) article about him in case anyone is more interested:


self coached + “coach” of hundreds of local Kenyans + local official + former marathon world record holder.

Also, Mo Farah just posted this photo from August 2017 … I’m basically trying to get #MoFarahLean… lmao.

Also just a photo I found from today, i’m looking really thin … My friend told me “dude you are actually starting to look Kenyan”, lmao. I’m on the far right, 2nd place overall in a local 5k. That guy next to me was 3rd. First place guy dipped out lul:


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I remember reading something Jim Wendler put out awhile back about exactly this. He was a running back in college, and he talked about how he also wasn’t athletically talented, but he outworked everyone around him to get where he was. And he had a reasonably successful college football career. I read that years ago, and it’s stuck with me.

Your flip analogy is exactly on point. I’ve wanted to try a back flip again for years, and can’t make myself try. Did it all the time as a kid.

I’ve learned that, for myself, I HAVE to have a competition on my calendar to stay driven. I lifted for years without competing, and that was fine. But competing has taken things to a higher level, and I simply don’t work as hard as I need to in order to make progress consistently, when I don’t have a specific thing to train for. It was sort of a pandora’s box thing, once I tasted competition and got my ass kicked, I had a new sort of desire to get better. And I saw EXACTLY where my shortcomings were. So now if I want to get better at log pressing, I need to sign up for a show with a log press event. When I first started competing, before I’d won anything, I only signed up for competitions that had events that were favorable to my strengths. Now I’m signing up for shows specifically because they offer opportunities to work on my weaknesses.


That last reply of yours especially, is gold!

“When I first started competing, before I’d won anything, I only signed up for competitions that had events that were favorable to my strengths. Now I’m signing up for shows specifically because they offer opportunities to work on my weaknesses.”

Great stuff! Those few sentences really illustrate the evolution of someone’s thought process, from being comfortable to being uncomfortable, and thus most likely putting ones self in environments that can stimulate adaptations/progress much more quickly & effectively. It’s obviously easier to stay within our comfort zones, and there’s nothing wrong with that either. If people find that fun & motivating, helping them to continue training, staying in shape, competing etc, that’s cool. Staying within that comfort zone just provides less of a stimulus to push ones limits IMHO. So if pushing ones limits is the real goal, and defeating even more game competitors as a result, then that mindset you’ve evolved into sounds like the best path to take.

There’s one caveat I guess: when prize money is on the line :smiley: That’s when it makes perfect sense to stay within ones comfort zone, and “get that money fam”. lul.

For running, I was initially guilty of the “I won’t do that one because i’m not ready yet” etc, but by not ready, I mean “not capable of hitting X:Y.Z time”. Now when I look for races, if there’s a few on the same day or weekend and I have to choose between them, I pick the historically fastest one. hah. I also like searching for the faster races in general. It really seems to be a “historical trend”. Some races are slow, some are crazy fast, and that trend seems to hold year by year. Seems to be related to course, location, time of year, etc. Much more fun that way in my experience.



Here’s an example (abbreviated) training/diet log from 10/30/2017 to 11/05/2017. This was a lighter volume week because I had a race on Saturday. So only 4 days training. This week, I should be able to get in 6-7 days training, no race. Basically trying to oscillate between high volume on non-race weeks, and moderate/low volume on race weeks. Tons of races coming up, so this current week will probably be my last high volume week of the year. On 12/18/2017, i’m deloading almost completely until 01/01/2018, to give my body some major rest/recovery.

log: 10/30/2017: rest day
05:30 AM: wakeup
05:45 AM: food: 1 incredible grapefruit, water w/ 1 lemon
06:00 AM: stretch: light
07:30 AM: workout: bw
. 3-sec paused dead hang ng pullups: BW x 8
. full dips: BW x 10
. standing single leg raises (with shoes): x 25
. standing single leg abductions (with shoes): x 25
. standing calf raises: BW x 30
11:00 AM: food: siggis, black tea
12:00 PM: workout: bw
. dead hang ng chinups: BW x 8
. full dips: BW x 10
02:00 PM: workout: bw
. dead hang wide grip pullups: BW x 3
… these just feel so uncomfortable to me
03:30 PM: food: whole foods: some indianish food from hotbar with chicken, salt/vinegar kettle chips, sweet green tea
04:30 PM: leg drain: 20 minutes
06:00 PM: food: coconut water, 2 x toasted sourdough, 2 x avocados, brie!
08:00 PM: food: strawberry kefir (OMG), water w/ 1 whole lemon

log: 10/31/2017: rest
05:30 AM: wakeup
05:45 AM: food: 2% milk, high fiber oatmeal, water w/ 1 whole lemon
07:00 AM: loaded calf stretches - gastroc
. damn these felt really good … and seemed to persist for a while afterwards.
. also felt some slight ‘popping’ in my right calf/knee which actually felt good
09:00 PM: loaded calf stretches
11:00 AM: food: huge saute’d yam in olive oil/pink sea salt/black pepper, chicken italiano from whole foods, black tea
02:45 PM: workout: bw
. 3-sec paused dead hang ng pullups: BW x 8
. full dips: BW x 8
… tough for some reason hah
. standing single leg raises: x 25
. standing single leg abductions: x 25
03:10 PM: food: siggi’s
. man I love this stuff … small bottle of siggi’s (swedish drinkable yogurt or something)
06:00 PM: workout: bw
. 5-sec dead hang pullups: BW x 5
. full dips: BW x 8
. standing single leg raises: x 30
. standing single leg abductions: x 30
06:30 PM: food: 2 x toasted sourdough bread, another slice untoasted, 2 x avocado, brie, coconut water
. ridiculous!
07:30 PM: leg drain: 20 minutes
09:15 PM: food: 2% milk, water w/ whole lemon

log: 11/01/2017: speed
139 lb.
07:00 AM: food: black coffee, grapefruit, high fiber oatmeal
08:00 AM: workout: light relaxed speed, breaking in new shoes: 1 x 2 mi (5:42, 6:18), 1 mi (fail, nemesis), 2 x 300m (~4:50 pace), light running focusing on posture
10:00 AM: food: 2% milk, coconut water
12:00 PM: food: large saute’d white yam in olive oil/salt/pepper, chicken skewer, avocado, sweet green tea, 2% milk
02:30 PM: food: some quality organic coconut water in a tall can
06:00 PM: workout: evening hard speed: 4x400m with 110m (lane 8) light jog rest @ {72.0/4:44, 76.2, 81.6, 73.5}, 3 x 200-220m @ mid 4/high 4, 4 x 100m @ low 4, 2 x 220m @ high 4, 1 x 350m @ mid 4, 3 x 100m @ high 4, no watch, jogging rest for everything
08:00 PM: food: 2% milk, coconut water
08:30 PM: food: strawberry skyr (32g protein), water w/ lemon, 2 x sourdough toasted
09:00 PM: food: strawberry kefir, water w/ lemon
09:30 PM: food: just a ton more water

log: 11/02/2017: recovery
138 lb.
06:00 AM: food: grapefruit, coconut water
06:50 AM: food: workout:
light run: morning light work, legs dead: 2 mi @ 7:5X, 2 mi @ {7:14, 7:20}, 1 mi @ 6:15, 1 mile walking rest between everything
. 5-10sec dead hang ng pullups: BW x 6
… great set, even though only 6 reps
. full dips: BW x 10
. standing single leg raises: x 25
. standing single leg abductions: x 25
08:15 AM: food: 2% milk, coconut water
10:00 AM: food: chicken italiano from WF, huge saute’d yam in olive oil/salt/pepper, avocado, sweet green tea, coconut water
01:30 AM: food: water w/ 1 whole lemon
02:00 PM: stretch: hamstrings nice and light, felt great
05:00 PM: stretch: hamstrings nice and light, quads also, felt great, quads so tight
05:00 PM: food: coconut water
07:30 PM: stretch: light soleus during dishes
08:00 PM: workout: light evening run, legs dead, CNS dead: 4 miles @ ninja pace ~11:XX-13:XX (soft/quiet)
09:15 PM: food: strawberry kefir, 2 x sourdough toasted, brie, water w/ lemon
10:30 PM: food: banana+mango skyr (yogurt drink), watermelon, strawberries, coconut water

log: 11/03/2017: recovery
06:00 AM: wakeup
06:00 AM: food: 2 x grape fruit, coconut water
07:00 AM: workout: very light run, legs dead/sore, CNS dead, no watch: 3.5 mi @ ~8:5X min/mi
08:30 AM: stretch: some light quad/upper stretches
08:30 AM: food: coconut skyr (34g protein? nice)
11:15 AM: food: tijuana taxi: chips + salsa, steak fajitas with an extra order of chicken, water w/ lemon
01:00 PM: stretch: quad stretches while waiting for my chicken and waiting in line, at whole foods
01:15 PM: food: whole foods: smoothie with protein
02:00 PM: nap: 2 hour nap
05:00 PM: food: water w/ lemon
06:00 PM: stretch: soleus during dishes
07:15 PM: workout: very light run, legs improving, CNS improving, no watch: 5 miles @ 8:5X-9:2X
09:00 PM: food: 2% milk, coconut water w/ pulp, water w/ lemon, toasted sourdough avocado toast, another avocado (so 2 total)
10:00 PM: food: two rolaids
. forgot to edit this in there… had a bit of “spicy” indigestion before bed, from the lunch

log: 11/04/2017: race + long run
140 lb.
05:00 AM: wakeup
05:00 AM: food: pre-made black coffee drink, grapefruit, coconut water
. was worried, felt hungry after this, and on the way to the race … but, stomach didn’t flare up
. i contemplated adding something else into the mix, but just forced myself to stick to the plan
06:30 AM: race: 5k race: Steps For SOS 5k Race: 2nd overall @ 18:48 official / 18:37 watch. Real “race” for 2 miles, light rain, no watch for 2 miles
07:30 AM: food: sweet green tea, perfect bar (uh oh, but handled it fine), 1/2 bagel with cream cheese
. the latter two I got at the event
08:00 AM: stretch: bunch of light quad stretches while waiting around at the race, enjoying the post race festivities
10:00 AM: food: wholefoods: very berry smoothie with whey protein, eggs, sausage, potatoes
. :slight_smile:
12:00 PM: food: huge saute’d yam in olive oil/salt/pepper/rosemary with garlic cloves & purple potatoes, chicken skewer, black tea
07:00 PM: workout: light long run: 1 hour light on tarmac (~8:XX, ~7 miles), 1 hour very light on grass (10:XX-13:XX, ~5 miles), no watch, relaxing
09:00 PM: food: strawberry skyr
09:30 PM: food: whole milk, coconut water w/ pulp, chocolate eclair (eek, was good though)
10:00 PM: food: siggi’s, water w/ lemon

log: 11/05/2017: rest
06:00 AM: wakeup
06:00 AM: food: siggi’s, sweet green tea
09:00 AM: workout: bw
. 3-sec paused dead hang ng pullups: BW x 9
. full dips: BW x 10
. standing single leg raises: x 30
. standing single leg abductions: x 30
. loaded calf stretch, above parallel squat hold shifting towards knee with feet flat: 60s
… nice stretch and quads/calves feel good after
08:00 AM: stretch: during dog walk, quads, calves
10:30 AM: food: saute’d onions, avocado, and chicken!
02:00 PM: workout: bw
. 3-sec paused dead hang pullups: BW x 7
. full pushups: BW x 25
. standing single leg raises: x 25
. standing single leg abductions: x 25
. loaded calf stretch, above parallel squat hold shifting towards knee with feet flat: 60s
03:00 PM: food: 1.5 glasses of whole milk, 3 bowls of honey nut cheerios (getting rid of em`)
04:45 PM:water w/ lemon
04:50 PM: stretch: tons of soleus/ankle during dishes, then everything light (hips/quads/hamstrings especially)
08:30 PM: food: 5 slices of rye sourdough (unreal) - 2 toasted - 2 with avocado spread on it, 2 avocados, several strawberries, gouda cheese, kefir
. great dinner snack meal

Mo posted this today. That has to be legit 6% bodyfat? Crazy shredded. That’s some F’n serratus (and lat):

Also a few nice shots I found of the NY marathon:



The guy in the red jersey is Kipsang, his build reminds me of my build. He’s listed at 6’0" 137 lb.

Kipsang lost by 3 seconds to Kamworor in this marathon, it was an incredible finish. I think Kipsang’s final mile was 4:29 and Kamworor’s was 4:55. Kipsang almost caught him, was pretty crazy.

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Your points about seeking discomfort make a lot of sense. It’s actually one reason I see myself sticking with PL for a while before trying strongman. I suck at benching. If I didn’t compete in PL, I probably wouldn’t bench and would forever suck at benching. Competing in PL is a constant reminder that although my squat and DL are respectable for where I’m at I’m leaving tens of pounds off my total with a poor bench.

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@adarqui Do you have any experiences with shin splints and what do you do?

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How’s your overhead pressing? Strongman will require lots of overhead pressing skill, so wondering if somehow you might still be decent at pressing movements compared to bench, because your SQ/DL are strong so you get to use even more of your legs/hip drive in jerk/push press style movements etc.

FWIW, i’ve always hated bench, just feels awkward to me and I don’t enjoy the movement that much. I really love single arm DB bench though (and single arm db OHP). That was my primary bench lift when I was lifting hard post-dunking. I initially did it because I didn’t have enough weights to put on both of my DB’s, but then I fell in love with it. It was also safer for me, in case I had to protect my face if my DB fell apart, lmfao.


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Just related to strongman … This would be an easy winner for T-Transformation, maybe in either direction, lmao. I’ve always been a Zydrunas Savickas fan, he’s a beast. Correction from @flipcollar: he does this regularly.

Arms are bigger than his head.


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Yo man!

Do you experience them? I imagine you do, that’s why you’re asking?

I’ve never experienced shin splints with running. I’ve experienced some of the “precursors” to shin splints (aches in my lower leg, soreness in shin muscles etc), but never full blown splints. After reading your comment last night, my right tib-ant is a little sore, honestly i’m somewhat psychosomatic, it’s ridiculous. I’m definitely lucky that I don’t get much stress there from running or sprinting. I often get soleus & gastroc soreness, so I think my calves & achilles really protect against stress that would potentially effect my shins, knee, back, etc.

Interestingly, I run in very light / unsupportive shoes. I personally believe this helps. I’ve worn heavier shoes as a test, and I definitely feel like I strike the ground “harder” instead of more “graceful”, if that makes sense. So light XC flats (Saucony Shay XC4’s for example) help me run a bit softer even though they have less cushion on the bottom - I have to compensate using better mechanics than simply allowing the shoe to absorb everything. I’ve run 25.x miles in 3.4 oz shoes (NB MRC5000v2’s) for example, and was completely fine.

I have gotten shin splints before, but from jumping and “plyometrics”: specifically high depth jumps, depth drops, and too many single leg bounds. I acquired them on a few occasions way back in 2009-2011 or so. They weren’t severe enough to prevent me from training though, so I worked around the splints by cutting out the advanced plyometric work and just jumping etc. My primary treatment for them, was to wrap both shins in these “flat sheet” ice packs that I found. I’d wrap the ice packs with a paper towel just to prevent “frost bite”, wrap them around my entire lower leg, then wrap them firmly with an ACE bandage. I’d leave them on for about ~15 minutes. I’d do that several times per day. IMHO, I felt it really helped. There’s so many different things that can cause them though, so most often a treatment like that isn’t enough: changing up foot ware, working on ankle mobility, strengthening peroneals/tib ant/gastrocs/feet in general, figuring out a safer mileage per run/week, figuring out if there’s some mechanical issues going on (hard heel strike, hard foot slap etc).


Big Z has actually been doing this for years in the offseason for Strongman, he just wasn’t active on Instagram so people didn’t know about it. But I’ve read about him dropping 50+ lbs every offseason for as long as I can remember. This last offseason may have been a bigger drop than he’d done previously, but he’s been known to grow into shows for a long time. And I agree, definitely better for health to spend as little time above 400 lbs as possible, lol.

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this has become a staple for me in my training over the last 6 months. I lacked unilateral stability going into strongman, but it wasn’t a huge problem until I was training for a show that had a circus DB event. And I was SHITTY at it. The DB we had to lift for max reps weighed 120, and when I began to train for the show, I couldn’t get a single rep. A strongman named Terry Rady advised that I should start doing strict seated1 arm db presses to improve this lift. Now I incorporate it into every shoulder/pressing session I do as a primary accessory movement. It’s excellent.

I’ll also add that my strong squatting did not translate to quality leg drive in strongman, because as I suggested previously, I’m not an athlete, and the timing and intuition isn’t there. I’m learning leg drive, but it still sucks. And I’ve got a 560 raw squat, lol. I get like 20 extra pounds out of a push press, while I’ve seen other people get closer to 100.

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I mentioned in the T-Transformation 2018 thread, i’ll probably be focusing on calisthenics harder in 2018. Even if I want to do it now, i’m refraining, because I just don’t want to create any extra fatigue while trying to stay as fresh as possible for running, during “racing season” in South Florida. I’m deloading from December 18 2017 to December 17 2017, to give my body some legit recovery time. Then i’m going to get back into things in Jan 1 2018, but throw in a few new ingredients. I won’t be entering too many races to start 2018 so, will allow me to focus more on my “base”. I do plan on doing at least 1 race per month though, and sometimes 2, as compared to this month where i’m doing 4, and next month where I have 4 as well.

Right now I just perform simple bodyweight workouts multiple times per day, 1 set of a push, pull, and some isolation for the hip flexors / thigh abductors. So for example, today @ 138 lb I hit:

  1. 3-sec dead hang neutral grip pullups: BW x 11
  2. full dips: BW x 11
  3. standing single leg raises (for hip flexors): x 35
  4. standing single leg abductions (for hip abductors): x 30

So i do that usually 1-3 x per day, more so for activation/strengthening and as a “maintenance stimulus” (muscle mass maintenance of upper body).

In January however, I may focus more on fatiguing these muscle groups considerably, so more of a split approach. ie:
day 1: fatiguing pull + light lower
day 2: fatiguing push + light lower

So fatiguing pull would just be a bunch of pull exercises for one session in that day, get back to fatiguing every last motor unit. Same for push. And i’d just throw in rest days when needed. I don’t plan to do anything extra for my legs, other than maybe adding in a few more exercises for generic strengthening, but no fatiguing work, because I get enough of that from sprinting & running. I love high volume lunges & stepups but it just seems very hard to mix in with running, so i’ll probably just add those back in but at not enough volume to cause any break down.

Oh, for legs, i’m also going to incorporate hills several times per week. There aren’t many hills in South Florida, but I luckily live next to one. I’ll probably do light runs there more often. For hill sprints, i’ll probably drive ~30 minutes away to a park that has bigger hills (some old landfill turned into a park I think, lmao). So that should give me a different “strength stimulus” for legs.

I also have rings, which I used to take to the park … Not sure if i’ll do that but, I probably will if I start hitting the bodyweight stuff hard again. There’s a nice calisthenics area at one of the parks I go too, can get some nice stuff done there.

Not really looking to put on much mass, but getting leaner plus improving strength will make small improvements to the physique.

As for my current body composition, I still have “way too much fat”. Even though i’m looking alot leaner, I have a safety net of fat that’s still there. I don’t think it won’t disappear, I just think it’s a slow process, especially because I don’t plan on doing anything drastic. If I put in the volume & eat like I am, it’ll come off. But a few areas specifically have “more fat”: upper arms, abs, lower back.

Timothy Bradley is a monster.

I’m really just posting that photo, because he’s a monster. Body composition goals, not necessarily muscle mass goals though … he’s more of a meso.

For ecto’s, Mo Farah’s physique (i’ve posted a few photos) is pretty much the goal, but with a bit more mass because I need it for shorter distances. But, all of the Project Oregon athletes seem to be extremely lean. People make drug accusations etc, but ignoring all of that, they probably just have some top notch, strict nutritionists assisting with their meal planning etc.


Awesome! Some good advice from Rady. How are you now on the Inch DB? IIRC, 2" handle @ 120 lb? I was actually going to buy one way back lmao, when I was doing lots of gripping. Instead I just made my own “rolling thunder” handles out of some 2" metal plumbing tubes. But I could only single arm deadlift with that: chain through 2" pipe handle, attached to loading pin, loaded up.

I hear the Inch DB humbles pretty much everyone who first tries it. I mean that’s just such a small solid piece of mass, with a thick/short handle. I imagine the thickness of the handle and how short the handle is, is probably what wrecks people the most initially.

It’s interesting how unilaterals have become so underrated for the most part. I mean people LOVE single arm DB rows, but i’d predict most of those people don’t do the “equivalent” single arm DB bench/OHP. Just interesting how for rowing/curling/shoulder isolation, it’s completely fine and normal, but seemingly not for pressing. You know?

Ah damn! Good info. Approximately 20 vs 100 is a huge gap. Yeah i’m curious if @MarkKO can provide some details on that, to compare/contrast.

peace man!

so i should actually qualify what I said about getting leg drive into my overhead pressing. Another issue I have is flexibility, and I really can’t rest a regular bar, or even an axle bar, on my shoulders. I’m holding it in my hands in the rack position. So I’m not getting the body contact with the bar that I need for maximal energy transfer. This ends up meaning that I get more energy transfer with the log, because it does sit on top of my chest. Just figured I should mention that since its a factor I neglected to mention. If Mark doesn’t have this issue, I would expect him to fare better.

I’ve never tried or even seen a 1" DB in person. But I’ve heard the same thing about it. We have a few different sized circus DB’s in my gym with different size attributes. We have one that has a 3" diameter handle. I actually don’t hate that one because it feels decent on the press, and you can clean with 2 hands, so the diameter isn’t a huge issue. The heavier circus db we have is a 2" thick handle, but the heads on it are HUGE. and it weighs 115 unloaded. The problem with this DB is balance. It’s so hard to just hold it steady in the rack position. That’s been my biggest hurdle with the circus db, just getting it into a proper position for the press.

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My press is comoaratively better than my bench, I think. It definitely progresses faster and smoother and I enjoy it more. I don’t press anywhere near what I can bench, but my all time best bench is 302 lbs while my press all time is 203 lbs (strict though, so no idea what leg drive would have added).

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High frequency + high volume week is almost over. 92.0 miles so far, have a light long run left on the schedule. Basic breakdown of the week:

  • Day(morning session, evening session)
  • Monday(light/light)
  • Tuesday(speed,speed)
  • Wednesday(light,light)
  • Thursday(light,light)
  • Friday(speed,speed)
  • Saturday(light,light)
  • Sunday(speed,light long run)

Most notable things were:

  • Solid hard but relaxed 1 km on Tuesday night @ 3:10 (~5:05 min/mi pace)
  • Moderate relaxed 1 mile @ 5:27 on Friday morning
  • Some 800’s @ ~5:0X min/mi pace today (Sunday morning) followed by some 400’s @ 4:3X pace

As far as bodyweight goes, was ~138 lb. for most of the week. My running stats said i’ve put in ~19 hours of running this week, heh. I feel really good, but definitely a bit tired to finish off this week.

A cop kicked me off the track today, apparently it’s not open until 12 PM on Sunday. He was a bit weird, saying I “snuck in”. I’m like sir, the gate is wide open: “yeah but that’s not the gate for you”. It’s like 20 feet from the main gate (which was locked). So I just walked over to the gate that was wide open, and walked in. lmfao. Anyway I modified the workout to the 800’s/400’s and did them in the bike lane on the street. Every time I ran near the track, I saw people running, having a good old time. I passed it several times within 2 hours or so. Seemed like, even though he was doing his job, he power tripped on me a bit. Let everyone else on there, no problem. Who knows though. Workout was fine on the road so not a problem.

The coming week is moderate volume + moderate frequency: Monday (rest), Tuesday (light,light), Wednesday (speed,speed), Thursday (light,light), Friday (light,light), Saturday (5k race hard, light long run), Sunday (rest).

Going to try and hit some harder 1 km’s on Wednesday night I think … Need to start pushing them and start hitting some PR’s, aiming for sub 3 minutes on my 1km soon.

As for Saturday’s race strategy, it most likely won’t be a blazing race, 19:XX for top 3, like last year. Last year I got third overall. Would be nice if I won it this year. I think i’m going to push my first 1.5 miles hard - it’s pretty much a straight away until that point (the turnaround point). I don’t think there will be anyone to hang with in the < 18:00 range, but the race did get cancelled due to a hurricane months back, and could have some new signups. So it’s possible. If very fast people show up, i’ll try to hang with them. If no one shows up, I think i’m just going to practice going hard anyway and try to hit a hard 2 miles, then coast out the next 1.1. For me, that strategy usually works well in terms of placing. I have some very fast 5k’s coming up so, that’s the main reason I want to push it regardless on Sat.

I took this photo a few days ago after leaving the track:

So, figured i’d try and do the opposite today, after leaving the track as well:

I think it came out pretty sick.


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Also quick pro tip. Say you’re at the track with someone and you’re both running 400’s, or a mile etc. But say this someone is considerably slower. No need to worry about it: just let them run in lane 1, and you run in lane 6-8.

So if you run in lane 8, the same one lap for you would be ~53m more.


That’s what I did on Friday, I ran with a friend. He’s in crazy good shape & very powerful, but he’s in Ironman shape right now, not speed shape. So we did a mile test to start the session. He ran in lane 1, I ran in lane 6. This way, we could both “push each other”, but I end up running ~160m more. So he ran a ~5:55 mile, and I ran ~5:27, yet we were always “side by side”, though 5 lanes apart. It’s an interesting “psychological trick” too.

Also this photo is dope. Heath beating Mo in an XC race. You can see Mo kicking in the back.