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Adarqui's Journal



Hope you’re ready to crush it tomorrow.
Good luck my friend.


How’d the run go?


Thanks alot man! Saw your post this morning before I left. Man I felt crazy good… but had to back off early (only 0.5 mi in).



Sucked bad. :f I felt great warming up, even though I was hating how those nike 4% shoes feel.

Race starts, take off at ~5:45 min/mi feeling safe, then shortly after a “sharp u-turn” (i think the deceleration got me), I started feeling my left glute/hamstring, and shut it down immediately.

Just ended up jogging it out for 2.6 miles.

I left immediately afterwards, because I didn’t want to cool off much, so I could go do some jump rope.

Checked online a little while ago, still ended up getting 2nd AG with my slowest 5k ever (26:XX) hah. small race though.



Need to back off this week. Got some “ischial bursitis” going on (left leg). I’ve had this before quite a few times. This one seems a bit more significant than most though sooo… need to be careful. I was flying easy when I tweaked it on Wednesday, felt great. fu*k. I’ll probably still do jump rope (feels fine) and some crazy slow running (as long as there’s 0 sign of pain etc).

Have two big races the next 2 weeks: 10 miler saturday, half marathon 2 the following saturday. As of right now, looks like I might have to miss the 10 miler. I’ll try really hard to heal up for the half, somehow. Would really suck to miss that race. If i’m not near 100% though I won’t force anything, being injured isn’t worth it.


Wow. For your speed and mileage that is hilariously bad! Good on you for finishing! I keep thinking I might like to put some miles in again and get down to a decent 5k at over 200#. Could be fun to see if I can bench 3, squat 4, deadlift 5 - and run some 5 mile and sub 20 5k at over 200. Definitely doable - just not sure I’d want to!


Stay smart and listen to the body man. You are at a very competitive fitness level and you know going backwards in run training is no bueno


Backing off for a few days, or switching out running to swimming or rowing for general fitness won’t hurt your next race. Give body some time to heal. Bursitis like that is no good to run on.


Bugger, why didn’t you shut it down completely?
Well you’ve had some great months, maybe it’s time for a little deload, like in strength training.


yesterday: quick log



  • ate great/light

07:30 AM: bodyweight

45 deg back extension: BW x 30
3-5 sec dead hang ng pullups: BW x 7
full dips: BW x 7
45 deg back extension: BW x 30, 20, 40


today: quick log


so fast.



  • ate good/light

09:00 AM: moderate: 45 min @ {speed rope: 30 min, mod} + {walking lunges: 15 min} /// my new speed rope is insanely fast wow: bullet comp rope mijo.

lunges felt so damn good. god damn. crazy. glutes felt fine.

however later in the day… glutes sore as fuck.

i’ll conquer these lunges. they are the truth.


ya lol. it was funny. volunteers (who don’t know me etc) cheering me on, “you can do it!!” while i’m going 9:30-10:00 min/mi. I was like “thanks!!” lmfao. Was cool, idgaf. I’ve never really had a big ego, contraire to what some people think (hah). So i’m fine having some bad race results. In fact, I kinda love it. It was interesting watching everyone pass me.

Thanks man! Yea I was just trotting, trying to relax and think about what I was going to do when I got home: decided on 1h15min jump rope to get after it without stressing my glute/ham. ;f

Yeah man, that’d be solid. Everyone I know online or i’ve met in person, underestimates how “hard” sub20 5k is. I mean sure it’s doable for pretty much any healthy male, but it’s still not easy. It’s a sign of some good fitness.

You get that done with those numbers, would be pretty cool. Plus you’d probably have some sick sprint numbers to go along with it eventually as well (200-400, 1500/mile) etc.

In the very least, maybe do some races for fun. Even if you’re not in shape for it. That’s a good way of figuring out if you want to do it or not haha. If you have fun, it’ll be alot easier to get some extra miles in.


peace man!


ya sucks.

well, i knew going in that I might shut it down and just jog it out (mentioned that in the post before the race).

as for shutting it down completely, didn’t feel I needed to. I mean I went from 5:45 min/mi pace to 9:30-10 min/mi pace almost instantly. so, that basically is shutting it down. I just jogged it out super light barely trying. I still felt my hamstring/glute because it definitely “re-tweaked”, but I was going so slow that I didn’t feel it getting any worse. So I basically just “walked it out” (slow jog).

if anything I should have shut it down in that marathon almost a month ago or so… lmao. :>

Thanks man. Don’t feel I need to deload. Though, I am trying to transition more into some alternate forms of conditioning: jump rope, lunges. I’d like to run (light), race often (when healthy), and keep improving my jump rope & high volume walking lunges. I’d like to get to 2 hours of jump rope (currently 1h15m) and 1 hour of lunges (currently 27min). I’m curious to see what they do for my running fitness/performance if I take those alternate forms of conditioning to the “next level” (rare that you see anyone ever do that, seems pretty hard). I feel like i’ll be able to get there, and i’m really interested to see how I perform if I have that level of “strength” - especially the results of high volume lunging. Obviously those exercises come with their own risks as well, so have to be careful. I do like how I can jump rope fine (0 pain) with a hamstring/glute strain though, stuff like that is interesting to me. Even lunging today didn’t make me feel my glute/ham tweak. So the velocity was low enough to keep it safe, but the exercise itself still had me in the 160’s HR for 15 minutes. Both glutes are pretty taxed right now though (many hours later) lmfao.

I need alien legs, alien lungs, alien heart, alien glutes, and alien calves. :>



Yeah man for sure. Will do. Thanks man!

Well, going backwards is ok, just not for too long. I’m definitely turning it down a notch running-wise lately, but turning it up a notch in some other stuff. I think it’ll even out and even potentially tip in favor of higher performance. We’ll see in like a month or so though perhaps, hopefully. hah.

From one person who can’t deload to another… :smiley:

peace man!!


If anyone wants an INSANELY FAST speed rope, consider this one: “Bullet Comp Speed Rope”. Holy sh*t this thing spins fast. Awesome rope. Pretty cheap & very easy to adjust too… Used it today, loved it. You can spin the handle manually and it’ll just keep spinning for like 1 minute it’s nuts. hah.

(some photo online)

Work been nuts lately so i’m all over the place … and sleeping late because of it! fml. hah.



been crazy busy with work and also slightly injured. not logging like i should.

left leg hamstring origin becomes a problem when i run. doesn’t bug me at all during jump rope. also doesn’t bug me with lunges believe it or not… but have to cut them out now until i’m healed up.

missed a big race today (03/16). just slept in and rested all day.

i feel pretty good today tho. feel better today than yesterday, and that’s after 1.5 hr of jump rope. so i think jump rope is safe while i’m recovering.


10:15 AM: 48 min @ {speed rope: 40 min} + {5 sec paused walking lunges: 8 min} /// paused was rough


10:00 AM: very light progression: 1h23m @ {10:XX}

felt mostly ok during this. injury-issue started bugging a bit towards the end. then i felt awful the rest of the day and the next.


09:00 AM: speed rope: 1.5 hr



felt pretty good today, so that’s a good sign for jump rope.


My 2 cents are that the sudden crazy volume on the lunges, combined with races are the culprit to this.
You are so competitive a racer, and at your level you must be careful about what you’re changing in training.


lunge volume + speed sessions. I hadn’t raced since lunging.

about 2 weeks ago my glutes were very sore from lunges, and the next day i did a long session with fast finish, made them even more sore. then the next day I did a speed session. the speed session wasn’t smart. felt so good & was flying, just too fast given the soreness. caused something to tear.

03/01: 09:00 AM: walking lunges: 22 minutes

03/03: 09:00 AM: mostly light w/ mod speed: 1h37m @ {27 x ~60-100m, mostly 4:5X min/mi} ::: (grass, spikes, felt great other than left low back/left hamstring)

03/04: 08:45 AM: walking lunges: 27 min (~800)

03/05: 08:30 AM: very light “micro progression” until the last few miles: 1h29m ::: (grass/dirt/rocks, feel great except for my CRAZY SORE glutes lmao)

03/06: 08:00 AM: this was going to be such a great session, fu*k! -> 1h43m @ {relaxed speed progression: 8 x ~330m, 6:41 min/mi to 4:54 min/mi, stopped because glutes (left especially) were too sore & low back achy} + {light miles} ::: (grass, spikes, felt great, nice weather)

03/04 - 03/06.

03/06 was dumb. glutes crazy sore, hamstrings probably had to work harder to compensate, left one tweaked.



I’m crying for you. Looks like it’s time to let the body heal up and recover while limiting scar tissue formations. Riding a bike some will keep your conditioning and let you work the legs some but take some of the pounding off the lower half.

Get well soon man! Listen to the body and recover well


Nah i’m good don’t cry :smiley: If I had been logging here my whole life it would be injuries everywhere. I’m used to this, unfortunately. I’m really good at keeping things going while hurt, by working around it -> hoping that’s the case here.

Nah no bike (don’t have one) and tbh that’d probably wreck me (sacral spine especially, but the ROM would stretch my ham out a bit). Jump rope is great so far (0 ROM). I can see how it could end up causing some aches/tweaks though, ankles/calves have been hit pretty hard. Have to be careful with it. I plan to use jump rope, very slow jogging (with extra layers of clothes on in the heat), and walking.

Just did a 2 hour jump rope session today…The last 20 minutes was hell, love it. The good thing is though, haven’t felt any pains in the hamstring origin area at all today. No pains after the jump rope session, which is great. In fact, it’s the opposite: feel amazing after the jump rope session.

Going to do some super slow jogging tomorrow, but not non-stop: probably jog a mile, walk 0.5 etc… just to see if I can get through that without causing anything to freak out. Also going to wear lots of layers so that it’s beyond brutal. Heat shock proteins!

peace man!

and yup! thanks alot!


feel so good today… no sign of injury. that’s most likely not the case, but the illusion of feeling healthy, is great.

turn sound on if you want to hear how fast my speed rope spins… it’s crazy.

after my 2 hour jump rope session, other than right ankle being a little achy felt amazing all day. got sunburned tho.


  • lots of icing, hamstring/glute and back.


  • ate light but good
  • a whole half gallon of grape fruit juice after the jump rope session… HEH

10:55 AM: speed rope: 2hr ::: 120 min x ~140 SPM = ~17,000 turns /// last 20 minutes was brutal