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Adaptive Tech for Visual Disabilties?

Hey T-Nation

My boy is gunning to become a trainer soon. I’m hooking him up with my cert org but there is a problem. He has a visual impairment. He’s not blind but he just has really bad vision that cant be corrected…its something with his nerves i don’t know

He has adaptive equipment like magnifiers and cctv’s and all that but the high gloss books don’t really show well under the screen

For him, the large print books are too expensive and I know for a fact that he can’t get by the exam with just the dvd presentations

anyone know of any help for my bro? He’s tried all the assistance orgs around but they wont help because its not a university related course

to my knowledge they don’t make braile trainer’s manuals…i mean really, why would they?

ooooohhhh that was mean!

but yea, does anyone know anything?

damn, nobody knows?

I guess I’ll just have to buy the books for him