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Adapting To Thermogenics?

I’ve just started taking a fat burning energy supplement before my workouts and it works great. My intensity during training is way up and I’m much more focused. My concern is that my body will eventually get used to it and I won’t get the same effects as I’m getting now.

Has anyone been taking the same type of thing for more than a few weeks, and if so, is there a dropoff in the effects?


If anything, it can take a few weeks for those supplements to fully kick in. Only thing that may wear off that quickly is the placebo effect.

Which suppliment are you taking? That will play a part in it.

I use Spike almost everyday, whether it be the Shooters or pills, and I’ve never felt a tolerance to either of them.

I just started taking Dymetadrine Xtreme. It actually helped me get over a ‘wall’ I hit on my bench press. Like I said, I was just concerned with the effects not being as strong down the road. I just found this site yesterday and will probably try Spike as well.