Adapting Surge Protocol to Extreme HIT

Hello Dr Darden,

I am currently performing Extreme HIT, but with Surge Workout Fuel instead of the Plazma/Mag-10 protocol outlined in the book.

I have been using 3 scoops on training days: 1 pre, 1 during/post, 1 in the late evening. On rest days I am having 1 scoop around noon when I’d usually train, and another scoop in the late evening. On the seventh day of each cycle (second consecutive rest day), I’m just having 1 scoop split over the day.

I was wondering how you’d adapt this protocol? The actual Surge Challenge Protocol calls for a little less Surge than I’m currently using (1 on off days instead of 2), but the Extreme HIT protocol calls for quite a bit of Plazma/Mag-10, so I’m trying to accommodate the lack of it since I’m using a different product. Obviously I don’t want to use more SWF than is necessary or if it’s a point of diminishing return.

Thoughts or suggestions?

I like what you are doing. Continue with your protocol for several weeks and report back.

Sounds good, @Ellington_Darden.

Today was Challenge 6. Challenge 5 thus far has been the most powerful stimulus. It’s quite interesting how great my body feels. I suspect the beta alanine has a lot to do with it as well.

I had another question, if you have the time to answer.

Do you include protein from plant sources in your total count? I’m eating a good deal of rice for example, with about 30 g of protein coming from it daily. Up until now I’ve never counted this into my total count, only keeping track of animal proteins.

Thanks again. I will post back, when I finish the program, showing my measurements, weights and pictures, and any interesting findings.

Yes, include your protein from plant sources in your total. Keep going.