AdapNation Podcast: Natty Maximise Muscle Growth

Listening to your podcast this morning on AdapNation was one of the best casts I have heard on how hard it doesn’t have to be. Without taking up to much of your time the three most important things for myself I took out from this was the importance of my wellbeing, propper diet and training HARD using no bullshit exercises.
Of late I am one of those people you discribed at chopping and changing workouts because something new has come into play. I think I have to stop doubting myself and just be consistant with my training and expect no miracles for a 52 year old.
People if you havent heard the podcast, well you better!!
I again would like to thank you my man for all you do.


I just listened and I agree- I think you changed that guys life with some of that info.

LOL well man I about fell off my chair when he said he had volume goals during training.

WTF is that??? And…why?


I loved this Podcast, made me reflect on my current training and the main reason why I made changes.