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Adam's Training Log

I am going to be using the WS4SB3 programme for 16 weeks with the aim of building a base of strength. My current lifts are- Deadlift- 145kg, Squat-115kg, Bench- 77.5kg and 7 chinups. I weigh 80.9kg and I am looking to get down to a lean 75 <10% bodyfat.

Tuesday-Max. Effort Upper Body
Wednesday-Dyn. Effort Lower Body
Friday-Rep. Effort Upper Body
Saturday-Max. Effort Lower Body

Max. Effort Upper Body

a)Bench Press- 40kgx5, 45kgx5, 50kgx5, 55kgx5, 60kgx3, 62.5kgx3, 65kgx3, 67.5kgx3, 70kgx2
b)Chinups- 6,5
c1)Barbell Rows- 3x8 with 60kg
c2)Seated DB power cleans 3x15 with 2.5kg
d)Barbell Shrugs- 3x8 with 60kg
e)EZ Bar Curls- 3x12 with 20kg
f)Neck Curls- 3x15 with 10kg

Dyn. Effort Lower Body

a)Weighted Vertical Jumps- 5x3 with 10kg
b)Bulgarian Split Squats- 3x8 with 40kg
c)Romanian Deadlifts- 3x8 with 100kg
d)DB Side Bends- 4x15 with 20kg

Rest Day

Rep. Effort Upper Body

a)Bench Press- 40kg (max reps) 20,15,13
b)Chinups- 5,4,3
Rear Delt Flies- 3x12 2.5kg DB’s
c)DB Lateral Raises- 4x12 2.5kg
d)Barbell Shrugs- 40kg 3x15
EZ Bar Curls- 20kg 3x15
e)DB Farmers Holds- 52.5kg (max time) 36s,25s,20s
f)Neck Curls- 3x15 10kg

Max. Effort Lower Body

a)Deadlifts- 90x3,100x3,110x3,115x3,120x3,125x3,130x3
b)Reverse Lunges- 3x6 50kg
c)Romanian Deadlifts-3x8 100kg
d)100 situps