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Adam T Glass, Grip and Rip DVD, Biofeedback Testing Method

Any of you folks experimenting with this method? If so, what have been your results so far?

I did my due diligence and site searched, but all I saw was a passing mention in Dr. MC’s article ( http://www.T-Nation.com/testosterone-magazine-631#cool-nervous-system-tests ) a while back. I have been researching it a bit the last couple of days and toying around in my own training with what I have read on his blog and others like Mike T Nelson. I am thinking about purchasing the DVD to get the whole system, but I wanted to see if any of our members here had any experience first.

The whole PR everyday thing and focus on accumulating volume and density without frying the CNS seems on par with CT’s methods except there are tests to determine optimal exercise selection, intensity, and stopping points instead of going on feel.