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Adam Archuleta's Training

Does anyone know where I could find information on Archuleta’s training programs. I read an article about some of his techniques and was curious to see the program. The results of his training are phenomenal. The article referred to Jay Schroeder as his strength coach and that Jay’s compnay is EVo-Sport but my web searches didn’t find that compnay. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks,

i was interested too… but the say they do bench 12 times a week… how the hell?

The coach said he likes to get overtrain 3 to 7%. The Espn Video is cool. www.iartonline.ca/articles/quickresponse.html

you gotta be the 6th guy to post this message.
I don’t know why Jay Schroeder doesn’t have a website, many people would be customers.
Maybe TC or Shugart could get him for an interview?

Jay Is currently working in Arizona. Last I heard he was working with a highschool football team that went 2-12 this season. Jay does some silly things like having athletes Drink Raw Eggs mixed with cool aid before a workout. He seems to be a big fan of eating Raw eggs throughout the day. The athletes That I’ve talked to that trained under him complain that he over trains them horribly.

He does have a website promoting his nutritional products and if I remember correctly it gives a little training info as well. I can’t recall the name exactly (something like neural focus) but you might check through the archives on the supertraining group.

Jay is not genius. My belief is that Archuleta is a genetic freak who can handle the shear volume that Schroeder put him througt. Adam also works very very hard and did for six years before going into the NFL. The fact that he was doing glute-ham raises probably since he was a sophomore in high school, combined w/ him being a genetically strong guy, explains the reason why he can do a GHR’s with a 40lb. dumbbell, for reps!!!

Thanks for the info. According to the article I read, Adam finished High School with 26 inch vertical, 265 bench, 275 squat and the big one 4.85 40 yard dash. 6 years later he he was up 530 bench, 667 squat, 39 inch vertical and was down to 4.39 40. Those are awesome gains over such a short period. I have started incorporating more explosive lifts to increase force. Jump squats and explosive squats(ala Ian King). I saw an immediate gain in my explosiveness from 12 weeks of Ian’s “White Man Can Jump”. So I guess I saw this article and it tied into my thought pattern that maybe I need speed lifting movements to make significant increases in the football tests listed above. I still play football and am looking for an edge over my competition. The releasing of the weights and catching methods intrigue me. I think we anything we read here more information is better than less.
Wasn’t trying to put anyone on a pedestal, but rather trying to learn more and varied lifting techniques.

this is a little off-topic, but Kelly,I have read your stuff for a while(here and on intensity) and I’ve thought, “shes pretty damn smart!”(I thought you were a chick)
sorry :slight_smile:

According to the ESPN story on Archuleta’s numbers when he began working with Schroeder after his senior year of high school were 275 lb. bench and 4.8 40. Supposedly he could not even complete a bodyweight gh raise. Those numbers are hardly freakish, which is why Archuleta had to walk on at Arizona State…

To anyone who wants to acquire the info. schroeder uses just pick up a copy of Mel Siff’s supertraining. Everything you would want to know is in there.