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Adam Archuleta Video

I just got the Adam Archuleta workout video this week. Here’s my review of it:

  1. You’ll learn a lot. There are about 15-20 different exercises that Jay has Adam perform. You’ve seen a few, but the video provides a full explination of why the exercises are performed and how to do them correctly.
  2. There’s some footage of Adam doing drills (covering recievers, etc.) or some actual game shots of him playing at ASU thrown in between exercise descriptions. This was a nice addition to the video. Aside from getting to watch him (he has unreal lateral speed/change of direction) the extra footage shows how the previous exercise correlates with the game.
  3. No chessy music or people grunting like a dumb Mentzer video.
  4. The one drawback: There is no discussion of volume or periodization. In the added features, it says Jay reccomends you do each exercise for a total work time of one minute. It’s sort of vague. However, it is labeled volume 1, so I’m sure these topics will be covered in the future. Also, it gives Jay’s email addy so you can ask questions dealing with the video.

All in all, I give it an A-. I think it’s a definate must for those interested in strength training and wanting to take their game to the next level.

It’s only $25 so it’s definatley a worthwile investment.

Where did you buy it?

Indeed. Where?


How long did it take for it to come in? I just ordered it.

I agree with the review. I emailed Jay about the video and he responded with some helpful info.

  1. Whole body is trained every day

  2. the exercise selection is based upon your ability or inability to absorb and create force in the correct position, and how long you can maintain that position for.

I think that if I was using the video I’d start with low squat foot jumps, Altitude Drops w/iso, Glute ham raises, Rebound pushup with Iso hold, (from floor not platform) and maybe EDI bench press.