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Adam Archuleta Video

Anyone know where I can download the video of Archuleta training? I heard he does some insane explosive glute-hams with weight.


Thanks for the link. What player are you using to watch the video? I have windows media player and it doesn’t support .ram files.

I use RealPlayer, it works great.

In that video, Archuletta seems to have his hips raise a little before his torso does… his hips only seem to come into alignment with his upper body towards the middle of the movement. Is this how it should be done? Or should the 180 degree angle between hips and upperbody be maintained at all times?

That was pretty good. Decently inspirational.

The body should be at 180 degrees for the whole movement.
It appears that Archuleta raises his hips first on the first rep, but not on the others.

We saw what he did for the bench press, but how did he increase his squat so much? Anyone in the know here? Thanks.

His hips seem to do the same thing on the second rep. The third rep is perfect though (probably because he not holding extra weight for that rep). Amazing none-the-less.

He probably increased his squat strength with glute-ham raises and those jump lunges he was doing.

Who cares about his squat & bench press, how much can he deadlift??

he’s #5 in the league in tacles, he leads his team this year. he’s got to be pound for pound one of the strongest guys in the league. Does everyone think that he is all natural?

Who cares if he is “natural” or not? Why does it matter?

Well, if it came out that he was using steroids, would we think about his progress diferently? I think we would. Granted, steroids to “us” is not as shocking as steroids to the average sports fan. However, he could have gotten the results he got naturally. Remember, the program was a 6 year program. It wasn’t like he did this overnight. That being said, steroids definitely could have been a part of it.

For some reason when I open the file, my Winamp program starts to run. Go figure, but I dont think he is natural. I saw him in an interview and his face looks drawn in with excessive acne. Could be something other than juice like prohormones but he is adding something to his Wheaties for sure in my opinion. To each his own. One thing I wonder, What are the long term effects of this type of method. I.e. - when he retires, will this type of training have detrimental effects on his body?