AD50 ?

I was hoping some one with who has used Anadrol could help me out with the cycle I will probably be starting in a few weeks.
I want to know if you guys think I would be better off running it for 2 weeks at 25mg 2x a day with one serving of MAG-10 or if I would get better results running it at 25mg ed plus the MAG-10 for 4 weeks?

I already have Nolva for pct and I will be drinking a full body detox tea, a milk thistle tea, and cranberry juice everyday. Between those 3 my liver and kidneys should be good for a while and I do very little to hurt them as it is so toxicity not a real concern. I just want to know any opions on which would give me more keepable gains.
Thanks in advance.

I wouldn’t worry too much about your organs while taking just 25mg of A-bombs a day, or EOD. I’ve gone as high as 75mg EVERYday with no detox or milk thitle, etc. If you are going as low as 25mg because you might be afraid of side effects, then I suggest you go for D-bol instead. Taking 25mg of D-bol is alot stronger than 25mg of Anadrol. Anadrol has a low affinity for the androgen receptor… that’s why you need to take so much of it.

My suggestion is, take 50mg of Anadrol EVERYDAY with your MAG-10 (and all of your detoxifiers if you must) for 4 weeks. After 4 weeks, come off the Anadrol and stay on the MAG-10 for atleast another 4 weeks. Good luck.

I am not too worried about the organs and as much as I am the gains, as I stated.
In regards to taking MAG-10 like you said why on earth would I want to take it an additional 4 weeks after already shutting down all of my natural T production from 4 weeks of 50mg of AD ED with the MAG-10. That would do nothing but keep me shut down and probably hinder my gains do to a lack a androgens in my system.
If I am way off in my line of thinking someone please correct me.

Well yes… and no. You’re right, your system will stay shut down should you stay on the MAG-10 for an additional 4 weeks. But the gains you make from the A-bombs and the ABILITY to keep those gains is a difficult task in itself. Everyone who does Anadrol will tell you this. You asked for the opinion of someone who has taken Anadrol… so I answered.

By staying on the MAG-10, you will help SOLIDIFY those gains made by the Anadrol. Trust me. To stop both drugs at the same time could cause you to lose ALL of your gains. I hope this helps. Good luck.

Sorry dude… your right. I did ask for help from someone who has done AD50’s before, I think I was just mad cause you cut on me for taking precautions so I would hurt my liver and kidneys as little as possible.

Ok so you say the receptor affinity is too high for Anadrol so that is why you have to take it in higher dosages. I have access to liquid Dbol as well and was only leaning towards the anadrol because of the longer half life.

Could I take 10mg dbol 3x ed in place of the anadrol for 3-4weeks and then stay on the Mag10 for an aditional 2 weeks? Or do you think it best to stay on the Mag10 after the dbol for as long as I was on it?

Thanks for the help.

No apologies necessary DA. I wasn’t cutting you on the precautionaries you were taking. All I was saying was that at 25mg dosages of Anadrol, those precautions wouldn’t really be that necessary. But heck, this world needs more guys like you who THINK out their cycles and know what they are doing instead of jumping right into the shallow water head first.

As for your question, I would choose to do the D-bol at 10mg 3X/day over the A-bombs. You’ll find that you’ll get better gains from the D-bol. Also, stay on it for those 4 weeks, stop, but continue to do your Mag-10 for another 4 weeks as suggested earlier. Stuff like Test, D-bol, and Anadrol are heavy androgens. You need to take something to help solidify those gains. Usually I suggest stacking an androgen with a good anabolic (Anadrol/Winny or Dbol/Deca, etc.) In your case, you are stacking the MAG-10, which is just fine in itself. Let me know how your cycle goes. Good luck.

Two things da,
If your goal is to do a blitz cycle for 4 weeks, then your doses are too low…I hate to say it, but if you’re just looking to get in and get out so to speak, you’re going to need to run 50mg+ anadrol, stacked w/ 2 doses MAG-10 ed for 4 weeks.
If, however, more serious suppression of the hpta is something you’re willing to accept, then I’d run 50mg anadrol and 1 dose MAG-10/day for the entire 8 weeks.

I’d last like to mention, I’d never run this cycle for myself…If your goal is to run an all oral cycle, then a stack of anavar and dianabol would be a better choice.


Mass… thanks for the help and I think I will opt for the 30mg dbol ed for 4 weeks and then run the Mag10 for atleast another 2 weeks maybe even 4 like you have suggested.

Mike… I can’t see myself running AD50 for 8 weeks straight and still be able to walk away with my liver and kidneys no matter how over stated the toxicity of oral AAS…
Also I already have 5 bottles left of the MAG-10 Legacy and want to put it to good use trying to harden up the gains I can get from some Dbol. I also don’t think it is really that week of a cycle since I have seen guys blow up off of 25mg of Dbol alone and still be able to keep 10+ lbs of lbm after their cycle with no anti-e’s. The only reason I am doing an all oral cycle is because this is what I can afford now and would like to test the waters and get some more size before I dive head first into a stack of EQ,test, and tren possibly some time in March.

Thanks for the help guys keep the info and suggestions coming.

“Mike… I can’t see myself running AD50 for 8 weeks straight and still be able to walk away with my liver and kidneys no matter how over stated the toxicity of oral AAS…”

That’s fine, do as you wish, but I would like to mention that I ran 40mg winstrol ed for 8 weeks as part of my pre-contest cycle and liver values prior to cycle and 4 weeks post cycle were virtually identical.
AIDS patients have been known to take up to 300mg anadrol ed for periods as long as 6 MONTHS, so I highly doubt 8 weeks of 50-75mg anadrol is going to send your liver into shambles…this is assuming you don’t have any pre-existing conditions of liver disease.
Good luck w/ whatever you choose


One of the biggest fears I have about taking either of the two aas I have access to is the dredded Back Pump that many people talk about.
Is this an unfounded myth or do some of you guys get this?
I alternate deadlift and squat variations for all of my leg days and would not like to fall down in pain in the middle of a set of jump squats from my kidneys blowing up.

Any words of wisdom?

Yes, my advice is to keep your dosages low. I get good results off just 15mg of dbol per day.

As for Anadrol, It is a completely different drug then dianabol. You were right to choose nolva for an ancillary, as Anadrol does not aromatise, yet exerts effects directly on the estrogen receptor. - That is much of the reason for the excess water retention and bloat, it is estrogen related, and that is why you cannot keep this size when you d/c use. My advice is 3 weeks max at a time on this drug, then switch to dbol or something else.

[quote]Darkangel wrote:
One of the biggest fears I have about taking either of the two aas I have access to is the dredded Back Pump that many people talk about.
Is this an unfounded myth or do some of you guys get this?
I alternate deadlift and squat variations for all of my leg days and would not like to fall down in pain in the middle of a set of jump squats from my kidneys blowing up.

Any words of wisdom?[/quote]

I have used both, and I never got the back pump from anadrol. Dbol at 30mgs a day plus 400mgs test and 200mgs deca gave me massive pumps, everywhere, and my lower back would get so pumped up that it would hurt. Sometimes my legs would feel that way too, walking with a huge pump was a little awkward… I felt so swollen it felt like I was going to explode sometimes using dbol. Nothing to do with kidney problems though, just way to much water weight bloat.

I had the same strength gains using half a 75mg anadrol tab a day in place of the dbol on another cycle, no crazy pumps though, but just as good strength gains. Only problem I have with anadrol is that it gave me high blood pressure while on, giving me headaches, which I didn’t experience with the dbol.

I don’t believe that anadrol is as bad as most people make it out to be, i like it, but only for 2-3 weeks for myself.

Thanks for the info guys.
P22…do you think if I kept the dbol down to 15mg ed I should run it for 8 weeks like Mike suggested or would I be better off running it at 30mg ed for just 3-4 weeks and running the rest with the MAG-10 by itself?

start it at 15 mg per day. Dianabol’s mechanism of action has more to do with blocking the bodies intention of self-regulating its amount of skeletal muscle via cortico-steroid actions. Once you have this action inhibited, taking more of the drug is only going to cause stronger sides, and not neccessarily more muscle gains. This is also a reason why it is difficult to keep gains made from a dbol only cycle - once the drug is stopped, the body is allowed to return to normal.

As for anadrol causing hypertension, this is due largly to increases in hematocrit caused by this drug. Dbol does not increase hematocrit.

Thanks for the reply…
dbol is deffintanly going to be my drug of choice for this cycle.

I will see how three weeks of 1 dose ed of MAG-10 and 5mg of dbol 3x ed goes and then if the pumps do not get bad enough to effect my drumming or my workouts I will continue it for another week. Then follow up with MAG-10 for another 3-4 weeks.

I was wondering if it would be a good idea for me to run Nolvadex throughout at just 10-20mg eod to keep estrogen low while on. Then after the cycle run it for 2 weeks at 80mg ed to make sure my testes are working at their max again.

at 15 mg per day, you will not need nolva during the cycle. Save its use for post cycle, but keep it on hand just in case. Nolva will limit your gain potential to a certain degree, I recomend if possible, a little femara if anything, as this has very little effect on your gains, and will make recover much quicker.

cool, that saves me some money on the nolva since i will use less of it now.

I will probably be starting the cycle either sunday or monday and I will keep you guys informed on how it goes.

Thanks to everyone for all the help.

Tomorrow will be 3weeks of 30mg dbol ed and 6 caps ed of MAG-10 Legacy.

This cycle did ok for me. As of yesterday I am up 8lbs with very little visible fat gained.

I experimented with a few diffrent time tables for dosings and the best for me was 3 caps MAG-10 in the morning and 3 caps right before bed. The best times for me to take the dbol was 20mg after working out(on non workout days in the morning) and then 10mg before bed.
If I split the MAG-10 into 3 times a day and the Dbol into 5mg every 5hrs I would be very tired and my workouts would suffer.

Tomorrow will be the last day of MAG-10 and Dbol and I will start Nolva on sunday at 40mg on sunday and then taper down every few days two weeks. I haven’t experianced any noticeable shut down in the sex drive area. I will hopefully try to put on another few pound in the next month and then start a more agressive cycle in late February or early March.
Thanks for the help planning this.

Way to go DA, glad we could help in any area.